Reminder: Technical Zones

With a new season upon us, we wanted to remind all clubs that technical zones are REQUIRED FOR  ALL MATCHES. This policy has been in place since 2017.

Efficient technical zones lead to efficient match operations, and there are small but important impacts across all areas of event management, including crowd control.

Want a reminder of other policies that are in place? Read our 2019 refresher.

The Technical zone (TZ) is defined as space in front of the rope/barrier between the 10m line and 22m line. The technical zone consists of three separate areas: a coach’s box, a bench zone that all teams and assistant coaches must stay inside of for the duration of the match, and an administrative zone. These technical zones will be painted/roped/coned on the field along with the field of play markings by the home team.

  • Technical zone must be at least 2m from the touch line to give room for ARs & touch judges
  • Coaches may not cross into the other team’s TZ or leave their own TZ
  • No more than 2 coaches are allowed in the technical zone
  • #4 (Fourth Official) or Match Manager (data tracker) occupies the space between the 10m lines (Administrative Area)
  • Chairs may be set up in the Administrative Area for disciplinary/sin bin purposes
  • No coach or player is allowed in the Administrative Area except when petitioning for a substitution
  • Teams may have up to two medical professionals “in front of the rope”
  • Medical professionals may roam either sideline and are not confined to the TZ*
  • Second medical professional must be across from first medical professional on opposite sideline*
  • Coaches are not allowed onto the field with medical personnel unless explicitly allowed by the match official
  • Medical personnel should always introduce themselves to the match official(s) before the match begins
  • Team benches should also be between the 10m line and 22m line* but “behind the rope” and not in the technical zone
  • Spectators should be on the opposite sideline from the teams
  • Water carriers must stay “behind the rope”* unless the match official signals that they may enter the playing field
  • Water carriers should endeavor to wear a top that clashes with players on the field
  • Coaches may not serve as water carriers
  • Water carriers should not be in the TZ*
  • Coaches should not huddle with teams on the field after scores

**NOTE: A Referee, #4, Field Marshal or other Match Official may remove any coach, player or spectator from the playing enclosure at any time for negative behavior. This includes stopping the match until the person has left the playing and spectating enclosure.

Waiver Request

The TRU understands that not all clubs will be able to comply with these new requirements due to field space or limitations with their facility. Clubs can submit a waiver request to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

The TRU Board will review each waiver request and let teams know if they are granted. We would recommend including as much detail and supporting documentation as possible.

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