TRU Registration OPEN

Texas Rugby Union Membership is OPEN!

What does this mean? It means you are able to register (CIPP) under your club for the 2020-21 Season.

You have two options when registering (as a player) this year:

  1. Register in full and pay TRU dues/full USA Rugby Membership dues. This will cover you for the year and you will NOT have to pay again until August 2021.
  2. Register under the training membership. This is a discounted membership option brought on because of the COVID pandemic. This provides the additional insurance should anything happen during a training session while we wait to resume regular play. If you register under this option you will be required to upgrade your membership to the Full Membership before competitive rugby resumes.

Both options will ensure you are covered at local practices, provided they are following the Return to Play protocols. So for example, if we are in Stage 3, and you are injured tackling someone – you’re not covered because you’re not supposed to be tackling!

To register:

1. Register using the link emailed to you (former members).


2. Register by going to https://usarugby.sportlomo.com/ > Texas Rugby Union > Selecting your club.

FOR MEMBERS REGISTERING WITH MORE THAN ONE ROLE (ie. Player and Coach within the same club)

Members should select the “multi-role” registration option. After selecting this, you will be prompted to select all applicable roles with the club. This will ensure you are NOT charged multiple fees.

FOR DUAL REGISTRATION MEMBERS (ie. Coach of one team, Player of another)

Use the steps below:

  1. Visit usarugby.sportlomo.com and login to your personal account 
  2. In the left hand toolbar, select the Member Details option (person icon)
  3. Next to the membership that is already active for this season, select the far right, 3 headed icon (Members profile screenshot)
  4. Fill out a reason for the  additional affiliation (as detailed or vague as you would like, I used “additionally affiliated” 
  5. Under the “To Club” option, select where you want to additionally affiliate yourself
  6. Next to Membership Package, select which roles you want added 
  7. Select Request Dual Membership 
  8. Confirm all personal information is updated and accurate, select agree to waivers, and sign the COVID release 
  9. Select Register 

**Please note that you may see the term transfer pop up occasionally. As long as you initially select the 3 headed icon for dual registration you should be all set! 

***Anyone registering to Referee with the TRRA and play or coach within their club are eligible for a 50% discount on TRRA dues. Please contact admin@texasrugbyref.com for more information on this


Registration has been available for some clubs in the TRU for a few weeks, we have been waiting for ALL of our clubs to be added before formally announcing registration as open. If you are having troubles, please email kat@texasrugbyunion.com.

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