Competitive Region Competitions Committee Terms of Reference

Chair of CR

  • For the 2013/2014 & 2014/2015 competitive cycles the Chair of CR committee will be appointed by the Chair of the National Competitions Committee who has been appointed and approved by the USAR through the Club Strategic Committee.

  • For subsequent competitive cycles the Chair Person will be elected by the CR Committee

    • CR Chairperson elections

      • A member of the CR Sub Committee within a CR can put forth a replacement nominee

      • A majority vote within the CR Sub Committee will elect the committee Chair.  In case of tie, National competitions Committee Chair will serve as tie breaker vote.

CR Committee Composition

  • For the 2013/2014 competitive cycle the CR Chair have authority and autonomy to construct their committee in the manner they feel will best be able to formulate a viable competition in the first year of the restructure

  • For subsequent seasons CR Chair will construct a team of elected representatives that will:

    • Not exceed 13 members (including Chair)

    • Will include at least one  representative elected from each Division in the Men’s and Women’s competitions that are included in that CR

    • Will include at least one referee  representative  from each referee society that will service teams within the CR

    • Will include at least one seven’s specific representative

    • Chair has the discretion of appointing a singular at-large member of the committee to insure adequate representation of all stakeholders

Term of appointment

  • All appointed members of the CR Committees will be on automatically renewing one-year terms unless:

    • Committee member resignation

    • A team calls for an election and nominates a new candidate as the representative for their Division & Gender

      • Should a seat be vacated or challenged, nominations will be accepted and the teams within that Division will vote in a general election for the representative(s) of their division.  In the case of a tie CR Committee Chair casts deciding vote.

CR Competitions Committee Responsibilities

  • Determine, based upon parameters set forth by National Competitions Committee (as approved by the Club Strategic Committee and Rugby Committee), the number of teams that will compete at each Division within the CR

  • Determine the promotion/relegation system(if applicable) that will be utilized at each division

  • Determine the schedule of competition within the CR

  • Determine the pathway and that will be utilized at each Division for crowning the competing team/teams that will advance to the USA Rugby National playoffs and certify that minimum requirements have been met by the advancing teams from their CR

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