TRU Hall of Fame

TRU Hall of Fame
In 2017 we were ecstatic to introduce the Texas Rugby Union Hall of Fame, a year-long celebration of individuals whose lives or careers are inextricably woven into the fabric of our history. In the first year, we inducted 10 nominees and we will look to induct up to ten members each following year.

HOF Eligibility

  • All TRU members past and present are eligible.
  • It is highly recommended that nominees are submitted based on their “body of work” and growth of rugby in the Texas Rugby Union. If the individual was only involved in one area (example as only a player or just a coach) the submission would have to be that much more extraordinary to be considered.

Selection and voting of the HOF members will be done by current HOF members and TRU Board members.

  • Nominees cannot vote for themselves and will be required to recuse themselves.
  • Each voter will select their top five nominees in order from top to bottom, with a one as their highest pick. After tabulation, the top five most voted will be inducted into the HOF.
  • Votes will be collected digitally and announced on the TRU website.

Hall of Fame Banquet

Inductees will be honored at an annual Hall of Fame banquet in conjunction with the TRU Summit on the Game. We welcome all HOF members, nominees, their families and TRU members to join us in celebrating each class.

For a quick history of the TRU, we recommend reviewing The First Decade by S.G.B. Tennant, Jr..

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