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Revised Collegiate HP Dates

TRU Collegiate Teams,

The TRU has had some challenges with laying out the 2009 TRU High Performance Program dates. We are trying to lay out a plan that will put us in a position to win the West Collegiate All Stars on Nov 7 and 8 in Dallas TX. We have had success in placing a number of TRU players into the West and USA player’s pools. We would like to continue down that road.

This schedule was originally worked out the last spring and at that time – it was the best solution. We recently sent out some slight changes to the schedule developed way back in April to accommodate some demands on personal schedules and to add in another weekend of training before the West RU Championships. We didn’t realize the havoc it would create of a few teams but we thought it would prepare the team better for the West RU Championships.

We are moving forward with the below schedule:
1. Sept 12 and 13 Two Day Camp – Austin, TX (Burr Field)
2. Oct 3 and 4 Two Day Camp – Houston, TX (HARC Pitch)
3. Nov 7 and 8 West Collegiate All Star Championships – Dallas, TX (Glencoe Park)

• Sept 12 is an open camp for all new rugby players to the Texas RU HP program and new incoming freshmen. Past Texas RU HP players must attend both days as well.
• These are two day camps. Players will be responsible for housing at Austin and Houston.
• More details will be posted at https://texasrugbyunion.com/category/high-performance/

At the TRU level our solution is to fall back into the proposed dates minus anything before school starts. So the August date is OUT completely. We will now have a two day try out in Austin. We will have a two day try out in Houston. Then we will meet in Dallas for the West All Stars.

Going forward. Ted Hill, as Manager of the HP Program, will solely be responsible for setting dates while working with Michael Engelbrecht. We request that all colleges work with and through Tony Wagner as Collegiate Director. Tony is the sole representative directly to the TRU for the TRU Collegiates. Michael Engelbrecht is the Director of HP and Technical Director within the TRU. Together we all are managed by David McPhail, TRU President. This group will be the sole voice for decisions going forward.

For summer 2010, the TRU will work closely within its officers to decide the best and most optimal time to have the Collegiate AGM. We will have a schedule ready at that meeting that will include the TRU HP Collegiate dates. Those dates will be reviewed by Ted, Michael, Tony and David. Only those individuals listed will make a decision of how this program moves forward. Club and Coach input is vital to the decision making and goal setting process and we will strive to improve that interaction going forward.

We appreciate the time and efforts that all colleges and universities put forth to foster the game of rugby. As we all know, rugby is not the perfect sport. We lack material funding, we lack serious support. But we don’t lack is heart and love for this game. We must come together at times to resolve issues and situations that arise. We must lift up one another and work towards win-win solutions.

We are ready to move forward. We apologize for any confusion. Let’s get ready for the 2009-2010 rugby season and let’s push to improve the game across the playing field. Please contact me directly with any questions. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

Ted Hill
Texas Rugby Union
Men’s Team Representative &
High Performance Manager
cell: 214-282-3000