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USA CIPP Registration

Greetings LAU/TU Administrators and USA Rugby Congress Members:

Please note that regular registration is now open and all 2008-2009 club and individual registrations are now expired. Please see the items below for your information:

1. Please Register Now! If you have not yet renewed your individual registration for your club, LAU or TU, please do so as soon as possible by visiting https://membership.usarugby.org/IndividualDefault.aspx. If you are unsure of your current status, please check here: https://membership.usarugby.org/RegistrationStatus.aspx and enter your name to check the 2010 status.

Remember, you can select multiple roles for multiple clubs during the registration process and only pay for the highest category registration. If you are not currently active as a participant in rugby or you are not affiliated with a specific club, feel free to select “EAGLE SUPPORTER”.

Please help us set a great example for all our members and clubs by registering as soon as possible.

2. BULK RENEWAL (i.e. registration of previously registered members) is now available for Primary Contacts from each club to access. Only the Primary Contact for the club may access bulk registration. A club’s Primary Contact is designated during the club registration process on https://membership.usarugby.org. The Primary Contact must login to his/her account at https://membership.usarugby.org and select “My Rugby Account”, then select “Club Admin Panel”. From there, the Primary Contact may access bulk registration and payment information for club/s.

3. Please note that the ADD Another Member feature, which will allow someone to register multiple NEW members is not yet available, but will be released as soon as possible. It is in the final testing stage and will be released shortly to the public.

4. TU/LAU COMPLIANCE REPORTS — These detailed club/member reports are available for your reference on a real-time basis and these now reflect the 2009-2010 season information, sorted by LAU and TU. These are available at the direct link: https://membership.usarugby.org/showReports.aspx. Please take a moment to visit this page and keep an eye on your LAU or TU registration progress throughout the season. If you need additional detail not provided on these reports, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

5. INSURANCE CERTIFICATES — May be requested by visiting www.usarugby.org/goto/liability_insurance. Please request certificates early, these are typically processed within 3 business days.

Membership Quick Links:
www.usarugby.org/goto/membership (Links to main USA Rugby site membership page, online chat, and all things membership)
https://membership.usarugby.org (Direct link to membership registration website, public rosters & LAU/TU compliance reports)
www.usarugby.org/goto/FAQs (FAQ page)
www.usarugby.org/goto/contact_us (Send emails on main topics, access online chat)
www.usarugby.org/goto/member_benefits (Link to Member Benefits page — login with Member #)
https://membership.usarugby.org/showReports.aspx (Link to TU/LAU Compliance reports)

Thank you and best of luck with the upcoming season!

Inspiring America to fall in love with Rugby
Kristin Richeimer | Director of Membership Relations | USA Rugby
2500 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 200 | Boulder CO 80302
T: 303.539.0300 | F: 303.539.0311

2009-2010 Member Registration is now open. Register TODAY!