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Clubs not in TRU Good Standing / Alliance Men’s RFC

Alliance Rugby Football Club is NOT-IN-GOOD-STANDING with TRU, is not a TRU Member and therefore not recognized by TRU and as per TRU member policy cannot compete against any TRU Member Clubs, nor will TRRA Referees be assigned to any match involving Alliance RFC.

ADVISORY NOTE – It is not the intent of the TRU to discourage competition and /or the growth of rugby in Texas. To the contrary, TRU encourages all potential clubs to do so within the policy and procedures of the Texas Rugby Union and works with those clubs in finding acceptable pathways to membership. The Texas Rugby Union is the USA Rugby & Western Rugby Union recognized Match Organizer for all member clubs in Texas. Without some structure to ensure that the rules of discipline of USA Rugby are adhered to, no mechanism for enforcement would be present to protect TRU member clubs, Referees and players. Although arguments can be made that an “At Large” Team CIPP registration/payment covers said club, there is significant countervailing opinions on that issue and would be the source of significant litigation, should a Club, its Administrators, Coaches and Players be faced with such a situation. TRU would not be a party and would not be involved.

An easy and inexpensive solution for such teams would be for said team to play as a second or third side of an existing club in good standing; transfer their CIPP registration to that team and would then be in good standing. They can call themselves whatever they choose, however, they would actually be members of the sponsoring club, who would also be responsible for that 2nd/3rd side for any and all disciplinary issues that arise from their play, if any occurred. As it stands presently, there is no accountability for Alliance players, should an unfortunate incident occur.

As an aside, Alliance currently has 24 CIPP registrants. In order to become a social club in good standing with TRU, it would cost each member a sum total of $81 for the entire year. That per player cost represents the annual payment of: 1) Individual CIPP registration ($35); 2) Team CIPP registration ($150); 3) TRU Social-Side Dues ($900 per year). According to the Alliance Rugby website, Adult/Men’s Alliance Club Member DUES are $150. Clearly, Alliance Rugby can afford to become a TRU member in good standing, they choose not to, yet they benefit from the TRU members without contributing anything. Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) recognized organization. Each and every TRU Club and individual member pays at least that amount to play; is it unreasonable to expect Alliance members to do the same, while ensuring that everyone involved is protected equally?

TRU Director of Discipline