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Ruling 2: 2009 REVISED

Date: October 16, 2009
Ruling: Revised 2: 2009
Revised Ruling
The Designated Members and Rugby Committee have reviewed Ruling 2 2009 and have revised it on the basis that a player touching a touch line is out of play and it should be the same in in-goal.

Law 22 – In goal.
Simultaneous grounding the ball in in-goal whilst making contact with the touch-in-goal line or dead ball line.
A player carrying the ball attempts to score a try. In the process of grounding the ball in the in-goal according to the law, he simultaneously (at exactly the same time) touches the touch-in-goal line with an arm, leg or any part of his body.

Questions from above:
1.  Is a try scored?
2.  Is the player in touch-in-goal?
3.  Is an attacking scrum 5m from the goal line awarded.

In (1) above, we believe this is incorrect but await IRB ruling. The TMO is undecided and therefore a try cannot be awarded.
In (2) above, we believe this will be correct – to draw a parallel with a similar incident in the field of play, but await IRB ruling.
In (3) above, we believe this will be incorrect as law 22.14 is only applicable when players from both teams are involved and there is doubt as to who grounded it first. In this scenario, there is no opposition player involved.

The player has touched the touch-in-goal line in possession of the ball and therefore the Referee will award a 22 metre drop out to the defending team.

Yours sincerely,
David Carrigy
Head of External and Member Relations