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2011 West Collegiate Women’s All Star Team Selected

Thank you all again for participating in the LAU tournament and the warm-up weekend here in Denver, Colorado. This years selections were very difficult because we had so many great athelets who wanted to be a part of the program. I appreciate that very much.

We have selected 28 travelling players as well as 6 non-travelling reserves, who will be called upon if one of the 28 cannot make the trip.

So, congratulations to the following that will be travelling to Pittsburgh, PA on June 7th-12th.

West Collegiate All Star Team
Nick James – Texas A&M
Chelsea Blakely – Austin Valks
Amethyst James – Texas A&M
Rachel Ryan – Wyoming
Bobbie Bouchard – Mesa State
Julia Fortkort – University of Texas
Kara Davis – NMSU
Kim Jordan – CSU
Ginger Whitehead – UNC
Heather Good – Mesa State
Bekah Knappe – CSU
Simone Lumsden – University of Texas
Kat McLaughlin – Colorado College
Kelley Storey – Texas A&M
Wendy Sherman – CSU
Dorothy Stoneham – CU
Annie Dally – AFA
Sam Miller – Mesa State
Marissa Cohn – CU
Cari Squires – Truman State
Becca Wezensky – CU
Kandis Ruiz – Austin Valks
KC Curl – Sam Houston
Jess Garriot – UNC
Autumn Murrill – Univeristy of Texas
Kayla Gonzalez – University of Texas
Kate Foley – CU
Jade McLaughlin – UNM

Non-travelling reserves
Layne Herrod – AFA
Abbey Vestal – KU
Kedra – UNM
Caitlin Robinson – Texas A&M
Nicole Noack – University of Texas
Bailey Johnson – ERRFU

If you are one of the ones selected and you cannot make the trip to Pittsburgh then please let me know ASAP!!!!

Selected players, you will get another email later with more details about the trip.

Thank you everyone that made this all possible.

Angie Cranmore
West Collegiate All Star head coach

Traci Schmidtke
West Collegiate All Star Assistant Coach

Wendy Young
West Collegiate All Star Assistant Coach