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Open Call for Divisional Secretaries – All Levels

The TRU Executive Board has completed its three year administrative cycle.  Now that the EC committed elections are complete, it is now a good opportunity to open all Divisional Secretary positions to the membership.  These positions are appointed positions.

* Mens D1, D2 and D3 – Electoral Rep is Bret Babineaux (b.babineaux@air-comfort-inc.com)

* Womens Seniors and Collegiates – Electoral Rep is Traci Schmidtke (tschmidtke@gmail.com)

* Mens Collegiate D2 and D3 – Electoral Rep is Shayne Roberson (shayner@hotmail.com)

Divisional Secretaries are the primary link between the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Electoral Representatives noted above.

General Job Description is:

* Responsible for day to day communication with the respective member clubs within the specific division.  Ensuring that the clubs are aware of current and future TRU, West and USA Rugby policies and procedures.

* Direct communication with the respective clubs on all compliance and competition matters that may affect their division.

* Ability to facilitate verbal and written communication with the group to foster open discussion amongst the members and provide on-going feedback to the Electoral Rep and the Board in general.

* Stay abreast of any disciplinary items that may affect their Division

* Stay abreast of all scoring as it relates to timely and accurate reporting into the Unions official scoring systems and reporting tools.

* Any other misc items that are deemed appropriate by the Secretary or Electoral Rep or Board

Therefore, the this person must be a good verbal and written communicator who is regularly available and have regular internet access to the web (tru home page).

Interested candidates should contact their Electoral Rep directly and carbon copy the union president (tru.president@gmail.com) accordingly.  Final appointments will be made at the TRU AGM on 8/13 or as applicable.


TRU Executive Committee