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USA Club Sevens – Day One results and Day Two match ups

Bowl QFs

9am SFGG v. New Orleans
9:20 Denver v. Pittsburgh – Denver won
9:40 Atlanta Old White v. OMBAC
10am Boston v. Glendale
(Winners to Bowl Semis, losers end play)

Cup QFs
10:20 Utah v. Hawaii
10:40 Schuylkill River v. Middlesex
11am Woodlands Exiles v. YoungBloodz
11:20 Belmont Shore v.  Chicago Lions
(Winners to Cup Semis, losers to Plate Semis)


POOL A (Will only have five games. SFGG forfeited to Utah for use of an illegal sub)
Lions            26

Tries: Mauer (2), Tiberio (2)
Cons: Peterson (3)

SFGG            12
Tries: Barrett, Okusi
Cons: Timoteo

Utah            28
Tries: Unufe, Nichols, Palefau (2)
Cons: Pye (3), Nichols

Glendale        5
Tries: Gordon

SFGG            29
Tries: Barrett (2), Aswega, Okuis, Okusi
Cons: Timoteo (2)

Glendale        7

Tries: Reed
Cons: Malifa

Utah            12
Tries: B. Nichols, Palefau
Cons: Pye

Lions            5
Tries: Mauer

Lions            31
Tries: Degutes, Harrington (2), Tiberio, Thiem
Cons: Harrington (2), Franco

Glendale        7
Tries: Winbush
Cons: Malifa


Boston            19
Tries: Quick, Marshall, Rude
Cons: Marshall, Rude

New Orleans        7
Tries: Rude
Cons: Rude

Belmont Shore        24
Tries: Howden (2), Suniula, Sio
Cons: Suniula (2)

Marist            7
Tries: Vaka
Cons: Umeda

Belmont Shore        43
Tries: Hamilton (2), Boyd, McKenna (2), Ross, Pitts
Cons: Pitts, Palamo (3)

New Orleans        0

Boston            17
Tries: Creighton, Goonan, McAlliston
Cons: McAllister

Marist            17
Tries: Tufuga, Talaimanu, Umeda
Cons: Umeda

New Orleans          12
Tries: Allen, Phillpot
Cons: Reuther

Marist Hawaii         17

Tries: Peni (2), Tufuga
Cons: Vaimasanuu

Belmont Shore      48

Tries: Ross (4), Kelm, Williams, Pitts, Suniula
Cons: Suniula (4)

Boston             7

Tries: Quick
Cons: Quick


Middlesex        33
Tries: Collinson (2), Daley, Mullane, Mahoney
Cons: vettese (3), Mullane

Atlanta Old White    7
Tries: Kamba
Cons: Kamba

Woodlands        19
Tries: Tofte, Guillen, Kolka
Cons: Mack (2)

Pittsburgh        5

Tries: Heinle

Middlesex        17
Tries: Mullane, West (2)
Cons: Veltese

Pittsburgh        7
Tries: Heimle
Cons: Wilk

Woodlands        24
Tries: Mack, Guillen, Rogers, Moonlight
Cons: Mack (2)

Atlanta Old White    24
Tries: Kanda, Muchugia, Barford, Omondi,
Cons: Kanda (2)

Atlanta Old White    36
Tries: Tanui (2), Barford (2), Wentzel, Muchugia
Cons: Barford (3)

Pittsburgh        7

Tries: Heinle
Cons: Koon

Woodlands Exiles    22
Tries: Tofte, Mack (2), Moonlight
Cons: Mack

Middlesex        5

Tries: Mahoney

Denver            10
Tries: Cramer, Ramirez

OMBAC            5
Tries: Kanto

Schuylkill River        24
Tries: Purcel, Burch, Wright, Ambrogi
Cons: Wright, Blower

OMBAC            5
Tries: Barnard

Denver            10
Tries: Haapapuro, Drury

Youngbloodz        12
Tries: Augspurger, Johnson, Schatz
Cons: Molloy

OMBAC            5
Tries: Claros

YoungBloodz        21
Tries: Benda, Jonhson, Molloy,
Cons: S. Augsburger (3)

Denver            14
Tries: De Achaval, Hapapuro
Cons: De Achaval (2)

Schuylkill River        21

Tries: Ambrosia (2), Boyle
Cons: Wright (3)

Schuylkill River        21
Tries: Boyle, Wright, Ambrogi
Cons: Ambrogi, Wright, Knipscher

YoungBloodz 12

Tries: Schatz (2)
Cons: Blower