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Level 1 Referee Course – 10/22/11, Houston, TX

TRRA is hosting a Level 1 Referee course at St. Thomas High School, in Houston, TX from 9:00 – 5:00 on October 22, 2011.

Participants should dress for activity and lunch will be provided.

Please go to https://membership.usarugby.org/Courses/OnlineSignup/SelectCourses.aspx?Category=EVENTCAT_REFEREE to register for the course. All course participants must register online prior to the event. Please see pre course requirments below.

Course Educators:
Steve Parrill (sparrill@usarugby.org) and Jen Gray (jgray@usarugby.org)

St. Thomas High School
4500 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77007

TRRA contacts:
Traci Schmidtke512-968-4888
Jim Wolfinger, 713-823-1901 

The Level 1 Referee Course is the basic course. It covers the referee’s priorities, provides an introduction to the Laws, and examines scrums, ruck/mauls,tackles,offside and advantage with focus on the critical parts and how to referee them. When a student has completed this course, and the accompanying test, they are ready to begin refereeing safely. This is just the first step in a referee’s education, but it is the necessary beginning.

The course will consist of mostly outside practical demonstration/instruction/participation (weather permitting, otherwise inside a gym) and some classroom work. Therefore please dress appropriately and please be ready for some mild physical activity (regular rugby kit is fine–sneakers, shorts/sweatpants, shirt, clothing that can withstand some physical activity!)

The course also includes completing a safety course and a short Law Test. Both must be completed online, with five additional safety questions to be answered during the course. The intention is that the test will serve to familiarize the student with the Law Book and how to use it. The instructor(s) will work with anyone who does not pass the first time so they will achieve the desired understanding.

Students will receive a Law Book, Course Manual, whistle, and cards (red and yellow).

Course Preparation:
There is a little bit of homework to be completed prior to the course.  This is intended to cover subjects that can easily be done on your own, thereby freeing more course time for practical applications.

  • Grab a Law Book (an old one is fine) or go to the IRB website where the Laws are available as a PDF file and look at the Definitions in the beginning of the Book, scan Law 1 ­ The Ground, and look at the definitions in each of these Laws ­ 10 Foul Play, 11 Offside, 12 Knock-on, 15 Tackle, 16 Ruck, 17 Maul, 19 Lineout and 20 Scrum.  Don’t try to memorize anything, just read it once for familiarity.
  • Go to www.irbrugbyready.com  There you will find a short, on-line safety course offered by the IRB.  It is free and takes less than an hour to run through.  Once you have signed up, you can do the course in small portions if you don¹t have time to do it all at once. PRINT A COPY OF YOUR RUGBYREADY CERTIFICATE AND BRING IT TO THE COURSE.
  • Go to www.irblaws.com and complete the short Law test. This will finish 90% of the required Law test for the course certificate ­ in class you will need to answer five safety questions correctly. PRINT A COPY OF YOUR LAW QUIZ COMPLETION CERTIFICATE AND BRING IT TO THE COURSE.

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Then What?
Once you have completed the course check out the next steps on the TRU website under Becoming a Referee.