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Safety Reminders

As another season is now upon us and training and friendlies turn into league matches, please be sure to watch out commone medical issues.

Specifically, players with Concussions and Staph Infections from open wounds.

1.  Concussions – the Union previously posted this article online and are reposting for your reference.  Please take these matters seriously and consult with medical professionals before allowing the player to return to training and/or matches.



2.  Staph Infections – the Union reeceived word that there were two teams with reports of infections after the Cowtown Tournament.  The Union has contacted several clubs that were in attendence.  Some had a large amount of reports, some a few and some none.  The FTW Parks and Recreation department was contacted and have stated that despite the hundreds of games played per year on the fields, they have had no reports for Staph until now.  However, they have agreed to research the matter and will conduct testing accordingly.  We DO NOT know the source of the infection as it can be transmitted via several manners.  Once more information comes available, we will post accordingly.






Staph / MRSA

“Survival of Staphylococcus aureus on Synthetic Turf”  
By Andy McNitt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Soil Science, Penn State University
December 2008.  A research project funded by the Synthetic Turf Council and the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council.

A study to examine the survival of S. aureus on infilled synthetic turf systems and natural turfgrass under different environmental conditions and to evaluate the effectiveness of various control agents applied to the synthetic turf. 

S. aureus survived for as long on natural turfgrass as it did on synthetic turf systems in both indoor and outdoor settings.  S. aureus lived longest indoors, but can be effectively treated with commercially available antimicrobial treatments as well as detergents.  Outdoors S. aureus has a very low rate of survival, particularly when exposed to UV light and higher temperatures.

Wound care should always be a priority during and post match.  Above are some links on Staph for your convenience.

As with concussions, these injuries can seem minor initially but should not be ignored and should always be dealt with by medical professionals and common sense.