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TRU Division III Championship Information

TRU Division III Championships

Championship Event Roster (West): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fetRtn-QmYF3z-audIkzhETSae41cfR4pCDJHWM6x9k/edit?hl=en&authkey=CI7GuKIL&pli=1

Match Roster (West): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7dz6Iz7LhOeNmViOGIxZWEtNzljYy00MzJhLWE2MjItYjM2NjM5NWZmMDkx/edit?hl=en&pli=1

TRU Front Row Waiver (TRU): https://texasrugbyunion.com/forms/

USA Eligibility:

3.1. Club Eligibility

Clubs may carry a maximum Roster of 28 players per Event Weekend. The Match Roster may list a maximum of 23 players and include up to five (5) non-resident players. For such events, a nonresident is defined as player who is not a U.S. citizen and does not possess permanent or conditional resident alien status at the time of the competition. All matches shall be governed by IRB Law 3.4, subject to iRB Law 3.14 “Union Specific Variations”, with respect to substitutions and front row replacements.

3.2 Player Eligibility

All players must meet each of the following criteria in order to participate in a USA Rugby Championship Event:

a) Player must be CIPP enrolled for the club, through initial enrollment or transfer, prior to the earlier of (i) playing in a Qualifying Match or (ii) March 15th for men’s competitions and October 1st for women’s competitions.

b) A player must have played in at least two (2) Qualifying Matches.

c) The player must not have played in a Qualifying Match for any other Club, regardless of the division of, or the geographical distance between the two clubs, during the Fifteens Competitive Season.

d) Players in the front row under 19 years of age and players in other positions under 18 years of age must meet all of the provisions of Section 2.5 of the USA Rugby General Eligibility Regulations.

e) See Section 13.5 for additional information about potential waivers.

3.3. Senior Clubs Fielding Multiple Sides

The intent of these regulations is to control the movement of players on upper sides to lower sides. Movement of players from lower divisions to upper divisions is allowed except where specifically prohibited by these regulations.

a) The movement of lower division players to upper division sides in Qualifying Matches played on the same day and/or weekend is allowed only when the lower division match is played before the upper division match. Up to three (3) players may be listed as a RESERVE PLAYER for the higher division Qualifying Match. That limit may be increased to four (4) RESERVE PLAYERS if at least one of those players is a front row specialist. Otherwise a player is permitted to play for only one divisional side per weekend.

b) In addition to the two (2) match minimum cited in Section 3.2-b, a player must play in at least one additional Qualifying Match, for a minimum of three (3) Qualifying Matches, at the divisional (or lower) level entered in the USA Rugby Championship Event.

c) Any player who has started in at least two (2) or played in three (3) or more of a club’s Rugby Super League or Women’s Premier League matches, or has played in the RSL or WPL Playoffs during the current competitive season, is not eligible to play in any other division of a USA Rugby Championships.

d) Any player who has played in 50% or more of a club’s Qualifying Matches in a higher division is not eligible to play in a lower division of the USA Rugby Championships.

e) Each TU and/or LAU may create additional eligibility restrictions to govern their local competitions or structure their competitions to help prevent higher divisional players from competing at lower divisions.

Game / Field Location:

Location is Lake Highlands Park, Dallas

Lake Highlands Park, 1000 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75218-3306

Corner of Buckner Road and Lake Highlands Blvd

Plenty of free parking all over the area

Lots of trees to get under the shade


Alcohol is not allowed in city parks

We will be offering food and non-alcoholic drinks

There is water in the park but it is slow

Port-a-johns will be provided

Game times:

Game 1: Saturday @ 2:00pm = OKC Crusaders versus Galveston

  • Referee: Traci Schmidtke (Shafto / Kelly) with radios
  • Check in will be at 12:30pm for OKC
  • Check in will be at 12:45pm for Galveston


Game 2: Saturday @ 3:30pm = Alamo City versus Austin

  • Referee: Pablo Septien (Shafto / Kelly) with radios
  • Check in will be confirmed with each Club / Contact Kolberg by WED 5pm
  • Parking can become limited, please allow adequate time for parking / arrival


Game 3: Sunday @ 12:00pm = Winner Game # 1 versus Winner Game # 2

  • Referee: Pablo Septien (Schmidtke / Savage) with radios
  • Any players not checked in on original 28 man roster will need to be checked in prior to KO
  • Parking can become limited, please allow adequate time for parking / arrival
  • Trophy and MVP presentation following game

Note: We will have 3 referees for each game plus a 4thsub official and two ball boys to keep the ball in play

Notes:  We will have 3 referees for each game plus a 4th sub official and two ball boys to keep the ball in play

  • Teams (Players, Subs, Staff) will be on the “far” sideline
  • One Coach in front of the rope (22m to 22m)
  • Water, as allowed by match officials

Check in information

28 man roster for the weekend in CIPP order (all available at check in) – Link to form listed above

23 on game day roster – Link to form listed above

TRU Front Row Waiver – Link to form listed above

All players must have proper ID with pictures

Teams must have Eligibility Book with players information/ID’s in CIPP order

Please be on time for check in and be organized = No picture ID, no play

No proof of citizenship (birth cert, passport or valid green card), you will be considered a “non-resident” player  (up to 5)

Post game social

We will have a social following the 3:30pm game at the O/T Tavern on Greenville Ave

Location: 3606 Greenville Avenue, Dallas

Beer, shot and food specials

Location is about 8 minutes from the fields and 1 minute from the freeway which leads you back to the hotel


Doubletree Club hotel

11611 Luna Road, Farmers Branch Texas 75234, Phone 972-506-0055

Rooms reserved under the Dallas Rugby Club

$79.00 per night includes a great buffet breakfast.  Rooms are all two beds (doubles or king/sleepers)

This is a great deal AND A REALLY NICE HOTEL.  Right off the freeway and you cannot get lost going anywhere