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Collegiate D2 and D3 Meeting 4/21

Reminder about the upcoming DII & DIII Collegiate Meeting on April 21st, at noon at University of Texas @ Dallas Campus.  If anyone is interested in or knows anyone trying to get a collegiate program up and playing, this is the meeting for them to attend.  There will be plenty of information available on how to become a club, etc.  Have them contact Shayne at shayner@hotmail.com for more information prior to this meeting.  Attached is the current Agenda for the meeting.



TRU Collegiate Board Meeting – April 21st @ University of Dallas

  1. Roll Call
  2. Past Season Issues/Comments

(Game Week Procedures)

  1. CMS Reporting

Timely & Completely

  1. Book Checks
    1. What should be included in book

i.      Registrar Report (one at beginning of each semester)

ii.      CIPP Roster or CMS print out

iii.      Front Row Waivers

iv.      Exception Waivers (seniors, etc.)

v.      Copies of photos of everyone

vi.      Past games paperwork from other clubs

  1. Why do one?
  2. What are you looking for?
  3. Proper barriers, field markings, etc.
  4. Game reports (rate the refs, etc.)
  5. Comments on game schedules or anything that happened
  6. Lack of referee candidates.  (MUST have one registered referee on roster)
  7. Upcoming Season
    1. Role out of new conference alignments
    2. Clubs changing conferences/new additions?
    3. Note any special weekends your school may have
    4. When schedule comes out, double check for errors, overlaps, etc.
    5. Playoff scenarios
      1. Undefeated – still have to playoff?
      2. Playoffs 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3    or just   1 vs 2?
      3. How many weeks between TX Championship game and next round? (Fundraising Time)
    6. At least 3 individuals per club sign up for TRU email blasts
    7. Update Contact Info yourself if there are changes
    8. Select side?
  8. Future meeting sites/locations?
    1. Follow up meeting or conference call beginning next season?
  9. Open discussion and time to schedule friendlies
  10. Adjourn