2012 Women’s West Senior All Stars Roster Announced

Congrats to everyone from Texas that made the 2012 West Senior All Star team! The team just completed a warmup weekend in Glendale, CO where they defeated SoCal (in Tier 1) 37-24 and an ERRFU Motley 32-5. The West will compete at the 2012 NASCs in Pittsburgh, PA on May 25-26 in Tier 2.

West Senior All Star Roster (bold are TX players)
Francine Bray – Austin Valkyries
Taryn Brennan – Glendale
Sara Edwards – Glendale
Carol Fabrizio – Glendale
Layne Harrod – USAFA
Nicole James – Austin Valkyries
Katie Janus – Glendale
Toya Lawrence – At Large
Dee McGillivray – Atomic Sisters
Tyra McGrady – Glendale
Erin Roxie Overcash – CU Boulder
Mary Pezzulo – Glendale
Andrea Prusinski – Glendale
Rachel Ryan – University of Wyoming
Kandis Ruiz – Glendale
Nina Safane-Glendale
Traci Schmidke Young – Austin Valkyries
Hannah Stolba – Glendale
Gina Steffano – Houston
Jen Swenton – Houston
Kitt Wagner – Glendale
Sarah Wilson – Glendale
Wendy Young – Austin Valkyries
Crystal Verdick – St Louis

Robin Friese – Omaha
Tonya Ansel – Glendale

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