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Club Status for 2012-2013 Competitions

Any club that is seeking a new status (promotion / relegation / admittance / removal) must notify Ron Watson, the TRU Director of Competitions by COB June 1, 2012.

In addition to any Club requested change, the Union will be looking the results of the annual Promotion & Relegation policy.  Also under consideration will be future effects on competition such as Geographic Union status and USA Competition changes that are proposed.

Several clubs have all ready made notice to the Union being:

* SFA University: League Change to Mens D3

* Katy Lions: Promotion to Mens D2

* Texas Islanders: Re-adminssion D3

* Dallas Diablos: Re-admission D3

* Woodlands: Possible inclusion in D3 for Second Team

The TRU Board will be meeting on the weekend of June 9th to review all of the above with a goal of finalizing all league structures by June 30th.