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CIPP Policy Update for all matches and tourneys

Please be advised, effective IMMEDIATELY:

The TRU is reaffirming its policy that all teams entering a TRU sanctioned event must have both the respective Club and all its Players actively CIPP registered with USA Rugby.


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*Please remember, no one may play, coach or referee without a valid, current membership

If you are part of a “social” team, you will now be required to transfer your current membership to a “Sevens Only Club” or traditional “Club” via the USA Rugby Membership portal.

All TRU sanctioned tournaments will be required to collect team rosters from all participating teams, verify corresponding proof of CIPP registration and validate photo ID of all players listed on the roster.  No Teams and/or Clubs will be allowed to enter said tournament unless they are “actively” listed on USA CIPP database.

If you are an individual or group of individuals seeking to “join” on for the weekend you will still be required to be listed on a Team/Club roster AND you will still be required provide proof of active CIPP membership and a corresponding valid photo ID.  Teams entering as “Random Team Name” will NOT be allowed unless properly registered as a Club with corresponding members.  Alumni groups and the like will need to register under the existing underlying University affiliation or as a standalone Sevens Club under USA Rugby.

A “TRU Sevens Event Roster” has been added under “FORMS” on the TRU website for all teams to utilize when entering a sanctioned tournament.  A TRU sanctioned tournament is ANY event that the Host is utilizing the referee services of TRRA members.  There will be two required signatures (a) team manager who must have valid CIPP registration and (b) tournament representative who has verified all of the information provided.  These rosters will be completed and turned over to the onsite TRRA Referee Manager.

As USA clearly states: “please remember, NO ONE  may play, coach or referee without a valid, current membership.

This is USA policy and is also the TRU policy.

Anyone person, team, club or host who fails to be properly registered or is found to be guilty of failing to meet the this standard of compliance will be dealt with a lengthy suspension, meaningful monetary fines and/or other material sanctions as deemed appropriate.

During the course of the day, the TRRA Referee Manager or Appointee will conduct spot checks for compliance.  Any team and/or person failing to immediately comply with a request will be deemed to be non compliant and dealt with accordingly.

This policy applies to any tournament, scheduled friendly or otherwise scheduled match.

Texas Rugby Union