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TRRA Continuing Education #6 – Sevens: Offsides Player at the Kick Off

Welcome to another edition of an example of a TRRA ref situation. This will be a weekly (or often) post that will cover interpretations of laws from TRRA examples. We will use the TRU Facebook Page as a way to discuss and unify our refereeing in Texas. Even if you aren’t a referee we encourage your feedback and answers.

This past weekend a situation occurred that confused the referee and the players on the field. At the kickoff after the team had scored a player on the kicking team was offsides. The referee awarded a scrum and play resumed. Was the right call made?

Unfortunately this referee got close, but didn’t get it quite right. ANY and all infractions at the kickoff in Sevens are a free kick. Law 13.3 specifically applies to this situation and a free kick at the 50m should have been given.

Law 13 also covers kickoffs that do not go 10m, ball goes directly into touch or ball goes into the in-goal. These should all be rewarded a free kick to the receiving team.