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T5½ Rugby Development Group partners with Cherrybone 7s

T5½ Rugby Development Group partners with Cherrybone 7s
by Johnny Smith

T5 ½ Rugby Development Group, LLC is happy to announce the formation of a new partnership with the Woodlands RFC to produce a Live Webcast of the Cherrybone 7s on July 21st, 2012. The event is held in
memory of The Woodlands RFC founder John Cherrybone and his son, David Cherrybone. It is the last stop on the TOLA 7s Series before the championship weekend.

Cherrybone is a premier 7s event in Texas that will now be available to the masses via the internet. Woodlands RFC President Doug Corrigan is very excited about the prospects of the webcast stating, “This will really set us apart from other tournaments in the region. This will open our event to rugby fans everywhere while offering maximum exposure to our sponsors. It is good for The Woodlands, but great for rugby as well. Anytime we can help grow the sport by exposing new fans to the game, it is a win-win situation.”

This will be the first 7s event for T5 ½ after spending this past season producing 15s matches, including Texas A&M D-IA home games and the Rugby Texas State High School championship weekend. Said coowner Craig Coates, “The inclusion of 7s into the Olympics has placed the game on the cusp of exploding into the mainstream of the American sporting consciousness. We think partnerships that create these media opportunities for 7s can only serve to push the game further along that trajectory. We are very happy to be involved in the promotion of the game.”

Not only will the game be webcast, but fans, players and coaches will be able to purchase their own Cherrybone 7s commemorative DVD that will contain every game on the day played on both fields. You
can save 15% by pre-ordering your copy at http://www.t5andahalf.com/Cherrybone_7s.html. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Cherrybone 7s and the Woodlands RFC.

You can catch Cherrybone 7s live action at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/t5-1-2-rugby-developmentgroup. If your club is interested in our services, please check us out at www.t5andhalf.com.

Cherrybone Tournament Flyer [PDF]