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USA Rugby Releases New Competition Management System (CMS)


USA Rugby has released a new Competition Management System (CMS). Unfortunately with the change the data from the original system was not able to be migrated. This does mean that each team needs to input their data for the current season ASAP!

Please complete this as quickly as possible as this affects eligibility and the pathways to USA Rugby Championships. Each team has been sent their login details and old CMS data as of 4/4/13.

Known issues with new CMS
Unfortunately there are some known issues at this time. USAR is working to resolve them as quickly as they can.

  • If you can’t find a player on your drop down  I suggest selecting ‘USA Rugby’ for that player and moving on until the player is loaded.
  • If you skip a line in your roster, it’s going to squeeze all entered players up a line (another issue I’ve alerted the developer to).
  • The CMS system is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or older

If you notice ‘mystery players,’ they are national office administrators who show up on everyone’s rosters at the moment. The CMS developer has been alerted about this several weeks ago, but it’s low on the priority of items to be corrected.

Competition Handbook Instructions [PDF]

Competition Management System (CMS)

If you have any issues or didn’t receive the information, please contact admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

Thank you.