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In response to and recognition of USA Rugby’s establishment of official membership status for “Sevens Only Clubs”, Texas Rugby Union (TRU) has adopted the following temporary standards to accommodate any club wishing to form a 7s ONLY Club for TRU Sanctioned competitions. Any Club wishing to participate in ANY TRU sanctioned 7s event must be either a current TRU Member Club, a Club in Good Standing from another recognized USA Rugby LAU or a recognized TRU 7s ONLY Club. 7s ONLY Clubs will be “non-voting” affiliate members of the TRU for the duration of the 2013 competitive cycle, if accepted and would be subject to reapplication annually. Further refinement, future affiliation, application, standards, membership rights, etc… relating to 7s ONLY Clubs will be an agenda item for discussion at the upcoming Summer AGM, where members are invited to attend and voice their opinions.

To become a TRU 7s ONLY Club for 2013, said Club shall:

  1. Apply for TRU Membership by submitting an application to the TRU Executive Committee.
  2. Application deadline for TRU 7s ONLY Membership for participation in the Texas 7s Cup Series is June 7, 2013;
  3. Clubs applying acknowledge that when it registers as a Texas GU Club that it is bound by the rules, regulations and participation agreement as published by the Texas GU, West or USA
  4. Clubs applying acknowledge that TRU 7s ONLY Club Dues for 2013 are $350;
  5. Upon acceptance by the TRU Executive Committee as a TRU 7s ONLY Member, Club shall immediately CIPP Register with USA Rugby, if not already done so;
  6. Upon acceptance by TRU Executive Committee as a TRU 7s ONLY Member, Club shall immediately submit a check in the amount of $350 made payable to Texas Rugby Union, sent to: TRU, P.O. Box 980405, Houston, Texas 77098;
  7. Clubs accepted for 7s ONLY membership shall CIPP register all players OR properly transfer players who are currently CIPP registered with other Clubs, before participating in ANY TRU sanctioned event; and,
  8. Clubs wishing to participate in the TRU 7s Cup Series shall apply for such in accordance with the application standards to do forthcoming.

NOTE: All players who either CIPP register with or transfer to a 7s ONLY Club will be assessed a $25 fee when either CIPP registering or transferring membership from a Member Club to a 7s ONLY Club.
NOTE: TRU 7s Cup Series is tentatively scheduled for 3 events: June 29 (Austin); July 13 (Dallas) & July 27 (Houston).

Scot Courtney