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Inline image 1In a bid to strengthen the squad for next season, Griffins Rugby’s management team has been working hard to recruit new talent, on and off the field. “Next season will be tough, playing against much more established clubs,” explains Griffins GM, Phil Camm, “We don’t have the same alumni connections as some clubs and having only been around for five years, it will take us time to get there.” As such, the Griffins need to look beyond the local rugby talent pool to recruit and when NFL veteran Ryan Moats expressed an interest in rugby, the Griffins were happy to welcome him.

Moats was introduced to Rugby while in private Catholic school at Bishop Lynch in Dallas by friends who often played for fun.  Always intrigued by the sport, Moats would oftentimes watch international rugby for entertainment. While in Philadelphia playing for the Eagles, Australian born teammate Sav Rocca was the first to tell Moats the similarities he had to a rugby player. Moats is a fast, pure runner with a remarkable change of pace, all vital qualities for a top level rugby player.

“Rugby is about athleticism, team work, & speed,” said Moats, “For a NFL running back, it’s a like a dream.” After leaving the NFL, Moats took a serious look into rugby and has developed a love for the sport.  Moats will be joining the Griffins where he looks to give one hundred percent to the club and enjoy a sport that seems to be designed for him. “Being a great runner is just one aspect,” acknowledged Ryan, “You also have to be a great teammate and know how to spread the ball around to have the biggest impact. It allows you to use your God giving ability to be productive.”

Ryan understands that his transition to rugby will require a lot of work. While the sports share many similarities, there is a completely different set of rules and strategies governing the game. “I have spent most of my life perfecting American Football and becoming a student of the game. Now my challenge will be to become a strategic expert in Rugby.”

The Griffins will be bringing in new coaches and further new players before the start of the 2013/14 season to ensure the best chance of success. “We’re realistic about the challenge next season will bring,” admits Camm, “We’ll obviously aim to win every game, but a top 3 finish would be a remarkable achievement for such a young organization. It’s my job this summer to put the pieces in place to improve our odds.”

The 2013/14 season schedule hasn’t yet been published, but while the Griffins undergo an overhaul of their website, updates can be found at facebook.com/OfficialGriffinsRugby or twitter.com/GriffinsRugby

For more information about the Griffins, including details on how new players can join the club go to www.griffinsrugby.com.

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