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CIPP Registration is OPEN!

usa_rugby_logoAll, the USA Rugby CIPP cycle has opened! Please CIPP your Team and have your individual players CIPP ASAP. For those teams that have games/tournaments coming up this weekend, please do this TODAY!

  1. Go to https://usarugby.org/membership
  2. Search for your team, they call it a ‘group’
  3. Select Register next to correct team
    1. If you have problems finding your team, or need help, contact admin@texasrugbyunion.com
  4. Complete registration and payment

Also below are some pre-season reminders and requirements. If these are not followed your team or organization may be subject to Disciplinary Action. The TRU urges you to review each of the links below and ensure that your team is in compliance.

  • USA Rugby Club Registration and Player CIPP
    • It is the policy of the Texas Rugby Union that each and every player, coach, referee, administrator and club will comply with the USA Rugby’s Club and Individual Participation Program (CIPP) for ALL matches. CIPP officially opens August 31st (2 days!), we will be confirming that your players/team is CIPP’d prior to your first match.
  • Match Requirements (Pre, Week of and Post Match)
    • Schedule Confirmation (Pre)
      • Once your Division schedule has been loaded into the TRU Calendar, please confirm that the game is correct including the HOME vs AWAY and the location matches the HOME team. Also note that the location MUST be an exact pitch address.
    • Referee Confirmation (Week of)
      • Monday – Contact referee for your match using the contact information on the Referee List. If a referee has not been scheduled, immediately contact the referee scheduler in your area.
        • If you view the details of your event on the TRU Calendar, it should say Referee: First Last Name (Confirmed). This does mean they are confirmed, if you don’t see that or it says Pending, feel free to reach out to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.
      • Wednesday  – If you have received no response from the referee (Referee List) by Wednesday evening, call your Referee Scheduler.
    • Match Day
    • CMS (Competitions Management System) (Post)
      • Divisions that are using the USA Rugby Competition Management System must input their match results within 72 hours after the match.
    • Referee Assessments (Post)
      • It is now a requirement from the TRU that a Referee Assessment is completed by the coaches (required) and captains (optional) of each team within one week of a Cup/League match. More details.
  • Club Contact Information
    • Clubs are required to keep their contact information up to date PRIOR to the start of each competitive season.
  • TRU Feedburner
    • Please note that it is a requirement that at least two team members (or coach) are signed up to receive TRU website updates. This is the primary method for announcements from the TRU. To sign up, go to  https://texasrugbyunion.com/ and add your email in the box that says ‘Sign up for Email Updates’.
  • TRU Facebook

The TRU thanks you all for reviewing this notice and ensuring that your team is in compliance with all TRU Procedures and requirements.

If you have any concerns about any of the above, please feel free to contact the TRU Administrator, Wendy Young.

Thank you,
Texas Rugby Union