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Reminder about Match Procedures (Pre and Post requirements)

TRUIt has come to the attention of the TRU that there are a few issues with contacting the Referee (before the match), presenting Paperwork to the referee (before the match), reporting CMS data and the required referee assessments (for league matches).

Referee Confirmation (Week of)

  • Monday – Contact the referee for your match by viewing the TRU Calendar and the Event Details for your match. Then contact the referee by email or phone (Referee Contact  List). We prefer that the referee is contacted on Monday, but at the latest, teams must contact the referee by Wednesday.
  • Wednesday  – If you have received no response from the referee (Referee List) by Wednesday evening, email the TRU Admin.
    • NOTE: If the referee does not hear from the HOME team by Wednesday, they are instructed to NOT to go to the match. When confirming the match it is generally advised to include the match date, KO time, pitch location, a contact phone number (a member of the team) and anything other pertinent details.


  • Present referee with TRU Front Waiver Form and CIPP roster (from CMS or from the CIPP website) prior to match starting.

CMS (Competitions Management System)

  • Divisions that are using the USA Rugby Competition Management System must input their match roster the night before the match and then enter the match results (trys, subs and cards) within 72 hours after the match. Make sure to choose FINISHED at the bottom of the game page so that it will tabulate your CMS Standings.

Referee Assessment

  • It is now a requirement from the TRU that a Referee Assessment assessments are to be completed by the coaches (required) and captains (optional) of each team within 72 hours of a Cup/League match. More details.

These policies have been in place for 3+ years, if your team continues to disregard TRU Policies there may be severe sanctions. It is highly recommended that all teams review the entire Match Day Procedures (the above is just a snippet).

Of course this doesn’t apply to all clubs as some of them are following all procedures as outlined. If you are one of those clubs, THANK YOU!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


TRU Admin