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Yes 9 Moves to a Non-Verbal Command from Referee

chriskellyIn a minor revision to the current protocol surrounding the ongoing scrum engagement global trial, the International Rugby Board, USA Rugby and now the Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) have confirmed that referees will use non-verbal communication to indicate to the scrum-half when the ball can be thrown into the scrum.

The change is effective immediately and will include this weekend’s matches. It will also include the next rounds of other elite competitions, including TRU Playoffs and USA Competitions.

**NOTE: U19, High School and other Youth matches will still use a verbal command of “Yes, 9”.

TRRA has determined that the non verbal command will be a tap on the shoulder of the scrumhalf if on the side where the ball is put on. If the referee is on the other side of the scrum, a thumbs up will be shown.

If you have questions or concerns about the Non-verbal Command, please contact TRRA Chairman, Jim Wolfinger or TRRA Vice Chair Traci Schmidtke.

IRB Notice
USA Rugby Notice