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Collegiate eligibility revision approved by Rugby Committee

USA Rugby LogoA revision regarding graduate students has been made to the College Eligibility Regulations after approval from both the College Management Council and the Rugby Committee.

Under the revised eligibility law, a graduate student attending a school other than the school from which he or she attended for an undergraduate degree is allowed to play for his or her current school so long as the student-athlete’s eligibility status follows all of the criteria below:

  • Graduated from a domestic undergraduate program
  • Has not used their five seasons of eligibility
  • Falls within the seven-year window since high school graduation
  • Is enrolled and considered a full-time graduate student at any institution (same as that awarding the individual’s initial degree or a different school).
  • Is in good standing with USA Rugby and with the college institution being attended

The change in the eligibility clause will allow graduate students to play for a collegiate rugby team outside of the school that awarded the player their initial degree.

“The change in the eligibility regulations allows students who have graduated in a timely manner to pursue their academic objectives at an appropriate academic institution for their graduate studies without sacrificing their collegiate eligibility,” explained USA Rugby Collegiate Director Rich Cortez. “The perspective they can bring to another institution or their fellow rugby athletes can be an invaluable part of their education and the teams they choose to join.”

A waiver, no different from the waiver necessary for an undergraduate to complete prior to transferring collegiate clubs, must be filled out and can be found at USARugby.org. Additionally, a detailed outline of the revised eligibility law can be found here.