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Referee Abuse – Zero Tolerance

article-2055133-0024C4A000000258-525_472x410All CIPP’d TRU member should have received an email from the TRU President, Kirk in regards to Referee Abuse. To make it clear, the TRU & TRRA has a zero policy stance on issues of referees abuse. We need to take a step forward, as we grow the game in the USA, to ensure that we stand together and work together and are respectful to each other.

We are all passionate about the game and at times we are emotional, but we have a responsibility to the game and each other to be respectful and control our behavior.

As a reminder the TRRA follows the USA Rugby Disciplinary Procedures and the recommended sanctions from the World Rugby Regulation 17 – Foul Play Sanctions. Note the sanctions for referee abuse:

Law No Description Entry Point Based on Scale of Seriousness of the Player’s conduct, which constitutes the offending –Lower End (LE).

Mid Range (MR).

Top End (TE).

Maximum Sanction
10.4(s)10.4(m) Verbal abuse of Match Officials LE – 6 weeksMR – 12 weeks

TE – 18+ weeks

52 weeks
10.4(s)10.4(m) Threatening Actions or Words at Match Officials LE – 12 weeksMR – 24 weeks

TE – 48+ weeks

260 weeks
10.4(s)10.4(m) Physical Abuse of Match Officials LE – 24 weeksMR – 48 weeks

TE – 96+ weeks


*The above table is as of January 14, 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to TRRA leadership.