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Reminder on Field Policies, Coaches & Teams

As a reminder, the Field Policies are to be followed for every match in the TRU or that is serviced by a TRRA referee. There has been a slight upturn in coaches in the field of play during a match and teams not lining up properly on the sidelines.

Coaches During the Match

Coaches are NOT permitted to enter the playing area during a match except by invitation of the referee at half time, or other extraordinary occasions. [Ref: Law 6.A.5.f}. This policy applies to ALL matches, including youth matches. Water carriers and medical personnel may enter the playing area by prior arrangement, or at the specific invitation of the referee. Referees are urged to be vigilant in applying this law to coaches masquerading as water carriers or trainers or to coaches entering the playing area uninvited at stoppages for injury, conversion kicks, and the like, and to enlist the aid of the relevant captain in curbing such infringements.

Team Locations During Match


  • Players & Club Members of BOTH teams on opposite side of spectators;
  • Teams are separated at 50m;
  • Teams to remain on their respective sides of the 50m;
  • No one inside 22m lines.


  • Players & Club Members on opposite sidelines;
  • One Coach/Rep inside ropes between 22m lines;
  • No one inside 22m lines.

Should a Club have a specific question as it relates to their home pitch and their ability to comply with the TRU’s policies; the Club can discuss and determine proper field protocols with the TRU Board.

It has been found that close proximity of the spectators to the reserves & coaches fosters problems beyond safety. Separating the spectators from the coach(es) and reserves allows the spectators to enjoy the match without the input from the participants. Additionally, it allows the Match Official (Referee) to keep better control of the sidelines.