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2015 RRRC Division Winners

Red River Rugby ConferenceCongratulations to the 2015 RRRC Division Winners! Below we outline a quick summary of each division and the eventual winners. These teams will now move on to the USA Rugby Regional Playoffs in San Francisco on May 30-31, 2015.

Men’s DI, DII & DIII


The Men’s DI competition was hotly contested by the Austin Blacks, Dallas Reds and new Orleans this year. The defending Champions New Orleans struggled a bit this year dropping critical matches against Dallas Rugby on Jan 24 and again on Mar 28. Their final loss was against the Austin Blacks on Apr 11th.

With three losses it came down to the Austin Blacks and Dallas Reds, early in the season the Blacks defeated the Reds 60-13 and so it all came down to their Apr 25 match up. With weeks and weeks of wet weather, the fields were in pretty bad shape and the match turned into a muddy affair. The Blacks were able to withhold a vicious Reds team though and won 26-13 to claim the league.

As we have received two seeds to the USA Rugby Regional Playoffs, both the Blacks and Reds will be traveling to the next round. We wish both teams the best of luck at USA Rugby Regional Playoffs in San Francisco on May 30-31, 2015. The Austin Blacks will be playing Belmont Shore while the Reds will face the East Palo Alto Razorbacks.


At the conclusion of league play, four teams were left standing, the Dallas Reds (D1b), HURT, Little Rock and the Austin Blacks (D1b). At the RRRC Championships on Day 1 the Reds defeated HURT 24-21 while Little Rock defeated the Austin Blacks 34-31.

Dallas vs HURT [VIDEO]
Little Rock vs Austin [VIDEO]

On Day 2 after being pounded with 6  inches of rain in 4 hours, the Grand Prairie pitch was a bit soggy. The Dallas Reds were able to take advantage of the field conditions and utilized their powerful forwards to pressure the Stormers. However, Little Rock was able to take advantage of the Reds as they wereheavily penalized Reds in the first half. Little Rock slotted four penalty kicks and led at half time 12-8. The second half told a different story as the Reds gathered steam and utilized their bench very effectively and outlasted a resilient Little Rock team 21-19 at the final whistle. We wish the Dallas Reds the best of luck at USA Rugby Regional Playoffs in San Francisco on May 30-31, 2015. The Reds will face the Tempe Old Devils.

D2 Final – Reds vs Little Rock


At the conclusion of league play, four teams were left standing, DARC, San Antonio, Euless and San Marcos. Day 1 of the RRRC Championships pitted DARC vs San Antonio and Euless vs San Marcos. DARC was out of the gates quick with several tries but to their credit, San Antonio came back fighting in the second half. Unfortunately it was a bit too late as DARC defeated them 46-26. In the second match of the day, a tough Euless team powered to a win over San Marcos by 5 points, final score 25-20.

DARC vs San Antonio [VIDEO]
Euless vs San Marcos [VIDEO]

On Day 2 it was the same story as the DII matches, the fields were pounded by rain the night before and conditions were less than ideal. This didn’t stop either team as they stood toe to toe with DARC taking the lead in the last few minutes to win 14-12. We wish DARC the best of luck at USA Rugby Regional Playoffs in San Francisco on May 30-31, 2015. DARC will face the Orange County Ravens.

D3 Final – DARC vs Euless

Women’s DI, DII & DIII*


In another tight affair, HARC and the Austin Valkyries led the league from the start. With over 300 points each and less than 100 points against, it came down to their two matches against each other. HARC has recently had an influx of Texas A&M graduates and that has been a game changer for them. They first met on Mar 7 where the Valkyries seemed a bit stunned and recorded their first loss in league play in over 5 year, HARC won 29-10. In their second meeting the Valkyries knew they needed to secure the win and brought the fight but HARC was the better team of the day and won 29-21.

The Women’s division is a hybrid league composed of DI and DII teams. As such both HARC and Austin will be attending the USA Rugby Regional Playoffs. HARC will go as the DI seed and Austin as the DII. We wish both teams success  USA Rugby Regional Playoffs in San Francisco on May 30-31, 2015. HARC will face Santa Monica while Austin will see the Ventura County Outlaws.


In it’s first year the Women’s DIII developmental league hosted three events. The participating teams were the Griffins, Denton, Little Rock and TCU. After all three events the Griffins accumulated the most wins and were declared the winners of the league.

We are happy to accept the Griffins application to join the Women’s DI/DII league for the 2016 competitive season.

*Not truly RRRC, but a developmental league that leads to Women’s DI & DII.