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2016 7s Registration/Transfer Deadline

USA Rugby Logo

Welcome to another competitive 7s season! A few reminders before we kick off the RRRC 7s Series.

Note the transfer and registration deadline for 7s is July 1 at 11:59 PM Mountain time (USA Rugby Eligibility Bylaw 9.2-b)!

If you are creating a new 7s team it must be registered as a club with USA Rugby underneath the Texas Rugby Union and be in good standing by June 15. Good standing includes but is not limited to:

  • Completed CIPP registration of the club and team with full payment
  • In good standing with the GU/CR, and in good standing according to USA Rugby playing requirements.

New Club Hints

  1. Register as a new club with USA Rugby
  2. Transfer players to the new club or CIPP new players underneath the new team. NOTE: Transfers can take 5-7 days, so don’t wait!
  3. Complete all TRU required processes for a new team