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Board Notes – 6/20/16

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:


  • Roll Call (8:05pm)
    • Guest: Dave Yeoman (Congress)
    • Tomsak
    • Parker
    • Young
    • Tate
    • Turner
    • Butch
    • Corrigan
  • Approve minutes from last call
    • Turner: Motion to approve.
    • Tomsak: Second.
    • Tate: Any objections? APPROVED.
  • Follow Ups from last call
    • New Clubs
      • Abilene: RRRC is considering them as a new club and will slot them in D4 or D3. We are still waiting for all their TRU paperwork.
    • TRU AGM
      • Combining with the Summit on Sunday afternoon!
    • Promotion and Relegation (RRRC)
      • Little Rock and HARC appealed their relegations. Both were approved and each will remain in their same division. RRRC is working on divisions and schedules now.
  • Team Conduct Feedback
    • None really from the clubs! We will continue with it.
  • TJ/AR Development?
    • Young: I’ve had some feedback from teams that took it very seriously and other teams that didn’t even comply. So I wanted to see if we wanted to add some accountability, etc?
    • Turner: One problem I’ve had is that the AR felt they were better than the ref and had a major influence on the match.
    • Tate: So that is probably an education issue for the AR and the referee.
    • Young; Yes, so if that happens, please let us know so we can deal with it directly.
    • Butch: I haven’t heard about this either, I’d be curious to hear more details. We’ve had some other reports of TJ vs AR and their duties being incorrectly handled. We will be doing some refresher training at the TRRA AGM as well.
    • Tate: Yes, we will try to build that into the Summit as well.
    • Young: Ok, so are we doing this program again for next year? Are we re-ordering shirts or only for new clubs?
    • Tate: Right, I do think we should continue, I haven’t heard anything about it being a bad idea. Any other comments or complaints? I move that we continue with the program for another year. Any objections? None. APPROVED.
  • Board Seat Expirations
    • Tate: Lets begin the election process at the end of July and conclude at the TRU AGM (so nominees can address the members directly if they choose). We’ll hold the voting electronically afterwards and have them seated by Sept 1 (fiscal and CIPP cycle). Any objections? None. APPROVED.
    • DI M Rep – Sep 2016 (3 year term) – Corrigan
    • W Rep – Sep 2016 (3 year term) – James
    • Congress – Sep 2016 (2 year term) – Young
  • New Business?
    • Summit (Administrative Course)
      • Parker: When will the sign-up for the new administrative course be available?
      • Young: Soon! Just working out some details with USA Rugby.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:53pm