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2016 Congress Club Rep – Nominees & Voting

Please see below the following nominations for USA Rugby and TRU Congress Club Representative:

Nominee Statements

Bill Taute
Holly Iker
Ron Watson
John Anderson

Voting rules:

The candidate with the most votes will fill the 2 year term seat, while the candidate with the second most votes be an alternate if either elected Congress Representative is unable to attend a Congress Meeting.

Voting Collection & Confirmation:

Wendy Young, TRU admin will send out the ballot to the current Club Presidents listed on the TRU Contacts page shortly. Kirk Tate, TRU President, will assist and confirm the votes. If you don’t receive it or have additional questions, please email admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

Review the previously posted Nomination and Election process here.

Nomination & Election Process:

Jul 27, 2016: Call for nominations
Aug 21, 2016: Additional nominations can be made at the TRU AGM and nominees can speak to members
Aug 23, 2016: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review and online voting opens
Aug 29, 2016 (at 5pm): Voting closes
Sep 2, 2016 (no later than): Election results posted on TRU Website