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Updated August 2022

We often hear questions regarding duties between the Texas Rugby Union and the Red River Rugby Conference. A quick bit of history might help…

When USA Rugby started the GU pilots around 2010, part of it included merging Local Area Unions (LAUs) together. We were fortunate that we didn’t need to merge with anyone since we were so large. But it did mean that we needed to follow the GU framework of having separate committees for competitions and governance. Thus the RRRC Competitions Committee was created.


The Texas Rugby Union (TRU) is a geographical union based upon a combination of club density in an area and natural geographical boundaries. 

The Red River Rugby Competitions (RRRC ) organizes, administers, controls and regulates the game of rugby for the clubs that are its members within the geographic area its members agree. They work in tandem with the USA Rugby Club Competitions Committee and Club Council (you may hear it also referenced as Club Competitions Committee (CCC). 

While the explanation above does help, we have a few other resources for you.

Rugby Landscape

Here is a quick look at the rugby landscape in regards to USA Rugby, the TRU and the RRRC. Note that the women’s colleges have moved back under the College conferences as of May 2022.

Responsibilities Chart

Here is a quick look at what USA Rugby, the TRU and the RRRC are generally responsible for:

If you’d like a more in-depth look at these responsibilities, review the Administration in Rugby deck that was presented at the 2019 TRU Summit.

As always, if you have any questions contact the TRU Admin or your divisional representative.