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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 10/9/2017

The Red River Competitions Committee will now be releasing their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

    1. Roll Call
      1. Young
      2. Kolberg
      3. Fosco
      4. Watson
      5. Turner
      6. Tolar
      7. Kurylas
      8. Hughes
      9. Tate
        1. Regrets
          1. Green
          2. Gross
      10. Men’s D1 Rep
        1. Nominees
          1. John Dale, Dallas Harlequins
          2. Bill Taute, Austin Blacks
          3. Michael Norton, Austin Blacks
          4. Jason Pollack, Little Rock
            1. Tate: We had 3 nominees, we held the voting over the last week and received 3 votes. Austin Blacks, Austin Huns and Little Rock voted.
              1. Kolberg: Nothing from the Reds?
                1. Young: Nope.
              2. Watson: And nothing from the Quins?
                1. Young: Correct, nothing from them.
            2. Turner: Also I was tasked with certifying the vote with Wendy. We did not receive an official ballot from the Austin Blacks as there were some extenuating medical circumstances.
            3. Tate: Yes, Wendy and I were forwarded an email that Alan Sharpley would be voting for the Austin Blacks but unfortunately he was admitted to the hospital urgently. He did submit an email vote after the deadline. What I was leading towards is that the Terms of Reference do require a quorum and that would be 2/3rds. With 3 of 5 votes (if we count Alan’s vote) and that would only be 60%. So the question before the committee is to either say that we didn’t get enough votes in time or counting Alan’s vote that we are close enough to a quorum. As an acting Chair, I will not offer an opinion one way or another.
              1. Tate: For the Austin Blacks we should have sent the ballot to Bill Taute as he is acting President, not Alan.
              2. Young:  We did. I sent ito Bill and then was forwarded an email from Alan that he had stepped back into the Presidency and would be voting.
            4. Watson: If we go by the votes before the ballot, it’s a tie, correct.
            5. Tate: Yes, correct.
            6. Watson: Does anyone have any gossip or BS why the votes didn’t come in from the Reds or Quins?
            7. Kolberg: I just emailed Dodge (Reds) and he said that he didn’t calendar the deadline so he missed it.
            8. Watson: If we look at it straight down it’s a 1 and 1 vote. Why do we look at something different?
            9. Kolberg: My opinion is that we take the votes and take Alan’s vote too. Shame on Dallas and the Quins.
            10. Turner: I would say the opposite of that, this is the third time we’ve allowed D1 to get it right and they can’t do it. I’m saying we don’t allow Alan’s vote, even if we allow it, it doesn’t meet the terms of reference (quorum). We should leave the seat open and try again next year.
            11. Kurylas: I agree with Luke, this is two or three times we’ve tried this.
            12. Tolar: I agree, the TOR haven’t been met, why are we wasting time on this?
            13. Fosco: I agree with the vote.
            14. Turner: I motion that we follow our terms of reference; a quorum wasn’t reached by the D1 clubs and the Men’s D1 seat should be left vacant for the rest of this term.
              1. Fosco: Second.
                1. Young: Yes
                2. Kolberg: No
                3. Fosco: Yes
                4. Watson: No
                5. Turner: Yes
                6. Tolar: Yes
                7. Kurylas: Yes
                8. Hughes: Yes
                  1. No 2, Yes 6, motion CARRIES.
    2. Chair Nominees
      1. Kirk Tate
      2. Doug Corrigan
      3. David Dodge
      4. Bill Taute
        2. Tolar: I motion that we vote on the four names for RRRC Chair:
          1. Kolberg: Second.
          2. DODGE APPOINTED
    3. Adjournment (8:43PM)
      1. Hughes: Move to adjourn
      2. Kolberg: Second