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RRRC Club “Eligibility Book” Procedures

Updated June 2024

Effective immediately, the Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) and Texas Rugby Union (TRU) mandate that all clubs maintain a team “eligibility book” containing player identification and citizenship information. This “book” is crucial for verifying compliance with USA Rugby’s current Eligibility Regulations.

Key Updates:

  1. Book Checks: Clubs are strongly encouraged to conduct a book check before each match. Failure to do so relinquishes the right to contest a match on eligibility or citizenship grounds.

  2. Spot Checks: Throughout the competitive season, RRRC Committee members will conduct book spot checks. Be prepared for checks requested by opposing teams and ensure eligibility for playoffs.

  3. Playoff Rounds: Complete eligibility documentation is mandatory for all playoff rounds, including Red River Rugby Conference Quarterfinals and Playoffs. Postseason matches will NOT be played under protest; non-compliance will result in a forfeit.

  4. Playing under Protest: Clubs should expect book checks at matches officiated by a TRRA referee. If a pre-match protest is necessary, notify the referee before kickoff. Matches will be played “under protest” unless there are player safety concerns.

Book Format and Contents:

  • Books can be hard or digital copies. Digital copies are recommended on tablets for better viewing.
  • Due to identity theft concerns, redact sensitive information before storing digital copies online.

Documentation Guide:

  • Provide acceptable proof for identification, U.S. residency, and citizenship.
  • Not acceptable: Social Security Cards, Real ID Cards, EAD ID Cards, and documentation related to residency pursuit.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Proof of current member registration and official waiver from USA Rugby.
  • Roster printouts from CMS.
  • Match Roster for the current match from CMS, signed and presented to the referee.
  • Completed FRONT ROW WAIVERS for the current match from the TRU website. (No longer required as of June 2024, requirement fulfilled in RX rosters)
  • Post-Match CMS Rosters demonstrating player eligibility.

Book Check Procedures:

  • Recommend completing the check at least an hour before kickoff to avoid interfering with warm-ups.
  • Two types of checks: “Records Only” and “In-Person.” In-Person checks are recommended for playoff matches.

Playing under Protest Procedures:

  • Notify the TRU / RRRC Administrator ASAP after the match of the basis of the protest, match result, and check type (Records Only or In Person).
  • A successful protest may result in the offending team forfeiting the match, with sanctions imposed by the RRRC and/or TRU.

Random Checks:

  • RRRC reserves the right to randomly check a club’s book at any time.

Post Season Play:

  • Qualified teams will be notified by USA Rugby at least 12 days before a championship event.
  • Teams have 72 hours to provide proof of eligibility in the form of a file for each match.

Thank you for your cooperation! For inquiries, contact the TRU / RRRC Administrator or your RRRC divisional representative.

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