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TRU Championship Reminders – 2018

As we get closer to the 2018 TRU Championships we wanted to remind teams of a few important items:

  • Quick review of the playoff formats and seeding per division
  • Reminder of the current tie-breaker guidelines
  • Disciplinary recap and reminder about multiple yellow cards
  • “Book” Guidelines

We urge teams to review all included details and we wish everyone good luck as we move closer to the post-season.

TRU Championship Formats

Women’s D3

In the inaugural year of the women’s D3 league we knew everyone would have to be flexible and work together towards the goal of developing new teams. This year, the teams completed a 10 game schedule consisting of 7s and 10s matches. When looking at the overall standings, the Oklahoma Crusaders have clinched the league title. We’d like to congratulate the Oklahoma Crusaders on this feat!

For the TRU Championships, teams are required to field a 15s side and have completed their competitive league schedule. Bay Area is the only team currently who meets the TRU Championship requirements with an impressive roster of thirty players, therefore they will represent the D3 league at TRU Championships. They will play the 5th place women’s D2 team as an exhibition match.

The remaining D3 teams will come together to battle it out East vs West.

Men’s D4

This division is also in its infancy but with so many multiple sides participating they quickly got into the action. Originally the postseason format included semi-finals on April 28 but that weekend has been taken over by rescheduled matches due to weather and other issues.

The updated format will now be #1 North vs #1 South for the Cup Championship. #2 North vs #2 South for Plate, #3 North vs #3 South for Bowl and #4 North vs #4 South (next best team)* for Shield.

  • #1 North vs #1 South for the Cup Championship
  • #2 North vs #2 South for Plate Championship
  • #3 North vs #3 South for Bowl Championship
  • #4 North vs #4 South (next best team)* for Shield Championship

*Next best team would only come into play if the #4 seed isn’t able to travel.



The TRU follows the current RRRC tie breaker policies. Ties in the standings based on competitive points only will be broken in the following order:

  1. Head to head matches win loss record
  2. Head to head points differential
  3. Head to head try differential (Tries for less tries against)
  4. Average point differential excluding forfeits of non-common opponents
  5. Aggregate points differential excluding the results of matches against any common opponent that has forfeited to either team
  6. Average number of tries, excluding forfeits (Tries for less tries against)
  7. Most tries scored excluding forfeits
  8. Toss of a coin



As always, anytime a card is issued the TRU Disciplinary Committee reviews it according to the Disciplinary Procedures.

We specifically wanted to point out multiple yellow cards throughout the season. As provided in the Laws of the Game, a second Yellow Card to the same player in a single match results in a Red Card and carries the same consequence as a Red Card.

A receipt of a third Yellow Card by the same player within a one year period carries the same consequences as a Red Card and each subsequent Yellow Card received by that player carries the same consequences as another Red Card for disciplinary purposes.

Please also note that ALL Disciplinary Rulings once determined are sent to every TRU Club as a public notice. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Disciplinary Director or email the entire Disciplinary Committee.

View current Disciplinary Reports

“Book” Guidelines

The TRU will also be following the RRRC Book guidelines. They were posted earlier this month but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include them in our reminders. We urge clubs to review what is to be included in the book, format and general reminders about eligibility.


If you have questions, please reach out to the TRU Admin or your TRU representative. For more information on the TRU Championships, go here: https://texasrugbyunion.com/tru-championships/.