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2018 RRRC 7s – Schedule and Locations Finalized

The 2018 RRRC 7s Qualifier Series will consist of three tournaments featuring Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s divisions. The teams that accumulate the most points during the course of the series will be awarded a slot in the USA Rugby 7s National Club Championship tournament (Men 1 seed / Women 2 seeds).

In order to be eligible, teams must meet USA Rugby and RRRC eligibility requirements and attend two of the three* qualifying tournaments.

National Competition Changes:

The USA Rugby Board has moved jurisdiction over the Club National 7s competition to the Game Board.  Due to some changes implemented by that body, and the Red River teams’ performance in the 7s National Tournament over the last three seasons, the RRRC Men’s and Women’s competitions will only get one seed in the 7s National Tournament this year.

On June 30, teams seeking entry into the National Tournament also have the ability to compete in one of two new, National Qualifiers.  These tournaments will be held in Leesburg, VA, and San Francisco, CA, respectively.  More information can be found here: National Open Qualifiers.

Format Changes for Red River Qualifiers #2 & #3:

In order to encourage increased participation and raise the level of competition within the Red River and TOLA competitions,  a modified Hong Kong Style format will be used for the second (Norman, OK) and third (Spring, TX) RRRC qualifiers this season.   This format will combine RRRC qualifier and TOLA teams during pool play.  Teams will declare a week in advance of the tournament date whether they are seeking to earn TOLA or RRRC points.  (Note that if a club enters two teams in the 2D or 3D Qualifiers, one TOLA team and one RRRC team, the TOLA and RRRC rosters are locked.  Players may not cross-over between competitions / teams in the same tournament.).  Additional RRRC Qualifier rules can be found here:  RRRC 7s Rules & Regs.   In the event of a conflict between these rules and the TOLA Rules & Regulations in Qualifiers #2 & #3, the RRRC 7s Rules & Regs will apply.

RRRC Qualifier Dates

UPDATE 5/14: We’ve opted to switch the HARC and Oklahoma events due to field availability, please note the updated schedule above.

Example of Combined RRRC / TOLA Format for Qualifiers #2 & #3:

 As a hypothetical example, if 12 teams register for a tournament and 4 of those teams declare that they are seeking RRRC points, the tournament format would feature 4 pools of 3 teams. Teams would play 2 pool play matches from which seeding into the knockout rounds will be determined (see illustrations below). The top teams from each pool would then advance to the Cup/Plate round, the second place teams in each pool would play for the Bowl, and the third place teams in each pool would play for the Shield.  At the end of the tournament, teams will be ranked by their finish, and the highest finishing team that declared it was playing for RRRC points will be awarded top RRRC points, the next highest finishing RRRC team will be awarded second place RRRC points, and so on.  Similarly, the top finishing TOLA team will be awarded top TOLA points, the TOLA team finishing second highest of the TOLA teams in the tournament will get second place TOLA points, etc.

The pools, knockout round brackets, and results in the hypothetical example above would look something like this:


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D

Knockout Round Brackets:

Cup / Plate Bowl Shield
Winner A


Pool A #2


Pool A #3


Winner B


Pool B #2


Pool B #3


Winner C


Pool C #2 (TOLA F) Pool C #3


Winner D


Pool D #2


Pool D #3


Tournament Results:

Tournament Finish Team Competition TOLA Finish TOLA Pts. RRRC Finish RRRC Pts. Calculation
1 RRRC B RRRC N/A 0 1 6 6pts for first
2 RRRC A RRRC N/A 0 2 4 4pts for second
3 TOLA A TOLA 1 7 N/A N/A 6pts first, 1 participation
4 RRRC C RRRC N/A 0 3 2 2pts for third
5 RRRC D RRRC N/A 0 4 1 1 point for fourth
6 TOLA C TOLA 2 5 N/A N/A 4pts 2nd, 1 participation
7 TOLA D TOLA 3 4 N/A N/A 3pts for 3rd, 1 participation
8 TOLA F TOLA 4 3 N/A N/A 2pts for 4th, 1 participation
9 TOLA B TOLA 5 2 N/A N/A 1pt for conciliation winner, 1 participation
10 TOLA E TOLA 6 1 N/A N/A 1 pt, Tournament entered
11 TOLA H TOLA 7 1 N/A N/A 1 pt, Tournament entered
12 TOLA G TOLA 8 1 N/A N/A 1 pt, Tournament entered

RRRC Qualifier Dates

UPDATE 5/14: We’ve opted to switch the HARC and Oklahoma events due to field availability, please note the updated schedule above.

For standings, results and more details about RRRC 7s, please go to https://texasrugbyunion.com/competitions/rrrc7s/.