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2018 RRRC Promotion & Relegation – Final Results

The review period has ended and the RRRC Committee has finalized the divisional alignments for the 2018-2019 competitive season.

The committee heard several appeals:

  • Austin Huns D1/D2 – appeal relegation to D2/D3 / APPROVED
  • Austin Huns D3 – requested voluntary relegation to D4 / DENIED
  • San Antonio D1/D2 – appeal promotion to D1/D2 / DENIED
  • West Houston D1/D2 – voluntary promotion to D1/D2 / APPROVED
  • Dallas Harlequins D2 – appeal relegation to D4 / APPROVED

The RRRC Competitions Committee also granted the request of Little Rock, Tulsa and Oklahoma City’s men’s sides to move from the Red River competitive region to the Frontier competitive region. They will join a competition that also includes the Arkansas Gryphons (Fayetteville), Wichita Barbarians, and Springfield RFC. These teams wanted to play as part of the same competition. There was a discussion among the affected teams and Competitive Regions, and it was decided that, whereas the departure of the Gryphons, Barbos, and Springfield would result in a collapse of the competition in the Frontier, that Red River had a healthy D2 competition with or without Little Rock, Tulsa or OKC. As such, the agreement was reached to let those clubs move from Red River to the Frontier Competitive Region. This decision has been approved by Frontier, but is still subject to approval by the USA Rugby National Competitions Committee and Club Strategic Committee.

The Little Rock women will continue to compete in Red River WD2, and OKC women will continue to compete in TRU WD3. The Tulsa women are considering playing at-large, and have been invited to play in TRU WD3.


Appeals are available under USA Rugby Eligibility Rule 13.6.2 (Appeal of USA Rugby Competitions Decision).

To Appeal a CR Competitions Decision or Policy, all explanation and relevant data must be submitted to USA Rugby within seventy-two (72) hours after the determination has been issued:

Attn: Eligibility
2655 Crescent Drive Suite A, Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone: 303.539.0300
Fax: 303.539.0311
Email: eligibility@usarugby.org

Fee: $500.00

Only the Club player, coaches or administrators directly involved in the matter may appeal the Competitions Determination. The NCC may speak to the parties involved, or ask for additional information, and then render a written decision as expeditiously as possible. An open hearing shall not occur for competitions appeals. However, the NCC may, at its discretion, conduct a conference call of all interested parties.

The full fee will be returned upon a favorable determination for the appellant. A determination against appellant will result in USA Rugby depositing the fee in its account for the benefit of the USA Rugby Club Department.

This does not apply to any disciplinary action taken against an individual or organizational member, whether or not arising out of Competition.

Questions or comments? Contact your RRRC Divisional Rep or Chair.

See the initial 2018 Promotion and Relegation before any appeals were submitted.

FINALIZED Divisional Alignment – 2018 – 2019

  • Men’s D1
    • Austin Blacks
    • Dallas Reds
    • Dallas Harlequins
    • Glendale Raptors
    • Austin Huns
    • San Antonio
    • West Houston
  • Men’s D2
    • West Houston II
    • Dallas Harlequins II
    • Austin Huns II
    • San Antonio II
    • HARC
    • HURT
    • DARC
    • Woodlands
    • Ft Worth
    • San Marcos
    • Dallas Reds II
    • Austin Blacks II
  • Men’s D3
    • Austin Huns III
    • Alamo City
    • Shreveport
    • Austin Blacks III
    • HURT II
    • Corpus Christi Crabs
    • Grand Prairie
    • Dallas Reds III
    • Bay Area
    • Alliance
    • McAllen
    • Galveston
    • Kingwood
    • Houston Arrows
    • Denton
  • Men’s D4*
    • Abilene
    • Fort Worth II
    • Alliance II
    • Tyler
    • DARC II
    • Dallas Diablos
    • HARC II
    • West Houston III
    • San Marcos II
    • Corpus Christi Dogfish
    • Galveston
    • McAllen II
  • Women’s D1
    • Austin Valkyries
    • HARC
    • Dallas Harlequins
  • Women’s D2
    • Austin Valkyries II
    • Dallas Reds
    • Little Rock
    • DARC
    • San Antonio Riveters
    • Bay Area
  • Women’s D3*
    • Tulsa (invitation pending)
    • Oklahoma Crusaders
    • Alliance
    • Tyler
    • San Antonio Lady Armadillos
    • San Marcos Sirens

*Anyone else looking to join the MD4 or WD3 leagues should contact the TRU immediately!

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