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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 10/8/2018

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Dodge
    2. Young
    3. Nezat
    4. Kolberg
    5. Fosco
    6. Kurylas
    7. Hughes
    8. Tolar
    9. Watson
      1. Regrets
        1. Keuppens
        2. Green
  2. Player movement between MD4/WD3 and different clubs playing in higher divisions
    1. Dodge: This has come about as Corpus Christi Crabs and Dogfish have asked if they can field MD3 and MD4 clubs but under two banners. Ideally it would allow players that have done well on the Dogfish to move up; or players that aren’t getting playing time or their obligations change can move down to MD4. The MD4 is not a worry because they aren’t playing for a USA Rugby Championship, so player movement beyond guest player rules isn’t an issue. MD3 however does lead to a USA Rugby Championship so there are regulations around in-season player transfers. However, I checked with Erik Geib at USA Rugby and there are a few unions that have allowed this to occur (player movement from MD4 to MD3) and they have handled it on a local level. So the question is, would we allow someone CIPP’d with the Dogfish transfer UP to the crabs mid-season?
      1. Kurylas: Dave had sent out a proposal earlier on this and there are a few clubs in MD4 that don’t have multiple sides. So a policy like this shouldn’t affect many other clubs. I think we should do it and see how it goes; do it a bit more informal this year and if it works we can make it more formal next year.
      2. Tolar: USA would still allow that? Right? THe only thing that would stop this would be if the Dogfish didn’t allow the transfer.
      3. Kurylas: Right. We’ve had something similar like this before, we’ve had players come from other teams and transferred to our MD4 team.
      4. Fosco: The women did that last year, because our seasons were split.
      5. Dodge: Did those transfers go through USAR?
      6. Fosco: Yes, but since they were only part of the TRU and not the USA pathway it was allowed.
      7. Dodge: Ok, so it sounds like the criteria would be, have to be in good standing and released by the current club.
      8. Young: So these weren’t digital transfers using USA Rugby’s transfer system?
      9. Fosco: Right, you use the form on the website and then Justin from USA Rugby would request the transfer paperwork. It was pretty quick.
      10. Dodge: Ok, one thing we want to be clear on is that to be eligible for playoffs they have to meet match minimums etc. Matches played in MD4 or WD3 DO NOT count towards the match minimums. Then movement from upper divisions down to lower divisions would be in the TRUs hands (guest player rules).
        1. Kolberg: Why don’t the Crabs and Dogfish combine completely this year? That would solve the movement problem. Wouldn’t that be a good compromise?
        2. Dodge: They want to keep the clubs separate but begin working together. It doesn’t sound like we have much push back from this committee. The TRU Board would also have to approve of course.
        3. Hughes: Originally they split due to organizational differences. This last year they both struggled and I did talk to them about rejoining. But it seems there is still some baggage there that they aren’t ready to get back together. This could be a good step in the direction of combining the clubs.
        4. Dodge: Their inquiry was the catalyst for this discussion but if there are other CRs around the country that have competitions that aren’t in the USA Rugby pathway we should adopt those rules. Ok, so I’ll throw together some proposed rules on transfers and shoot it out for an email discussion and vote. Any objection to that? None. APPROVED.
  3. WD1 Restructure Update
    1. Young: Attended a call about the WD1 restructure proposal, we would be in the Mountain region. Teams tentatively are Kansas (KC Jazz), Glendale D1, Black Ice, Austin, Houston and Dallas. Home and away for 10 matches. Playoffs are East vs Midwest and Pacific vs Mountain (1 seed each). Then Championships are winner vs winner.
    2. Dodge: Is the schedule 2 matches per weekend?
    3. Young: No structure yet this is still a proposal.
    4. Kolberg: Have we talked with the teams in our region?
    5. Young: I’ve talked with Austin but need to get ahold of Dallas and Houston.
    6. Tolar: Historically our second place hybrid team didn’t perform as well. Are we concerned about them playing matches with teams that are typically strong?
    7. Dodge: Yes, that is why I want to make sure that we’re communicating these discussions to the teams. This is something that is being kicked around at the NCC since the middle of last season. I’ve had a conversation with Jarvis in the past. The teams need to weigh in; of course you only get better as you play better teams.
  4. Regional Tournaments
    1. Dodge: There is one this weekend?
    2. Young: Yes, Austin was rained out/no interest and Houston couldn’t get fields in time. Houston is proposing a few round robins or Houston Championship.
    3. Hughes: Not an official TRU tournament but Alamo City hosted a local tournament this past weekend.
    4. Dodge: Ok, did we get any referee training in?
    5. Hughes: I’m not sure, I didn’t go myself.
    6. Dodge: Ok, we’re having the Dallas event this weekend, 6 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams.
  5. Book check schedule / assignments
    1. Dodge: I’m going to throw together a list of matches that I’d like to see covered before New Years. I will be asking for volunteers and we can alert the clubs ahead of time.
  6. Compliance
    1. Young: I’m sure you guys have been seeing my weekly emails about compliance with USA Rugby. As members of this committee, let’s set an example and get our clubs in order. Then I would ask for help from everyone on this committee to make sure our clubs are compliant.
    2. Dodge: Yes, let’s get our houses in order and then reach out to our respective clubs to help with this.
  7. New Business
    1. Congress Update
      1. Watson: We recently had a congress meeting:
        1. Proposed bylaw revisions that are being worked on
        2. Had elections for three openings on the USA Rugby Board, two were filled and one is still vacant.
        3. A new CFO has been hired and we’re expecting a proposal for a dues increase for next year.
        4. There is some disruption from the Colleges over how much they are paying for what they are seeing in a return. There is also discussion of colleges joining back with the Senior competitive regions so they have a better support system.
        5. CIPP continues to be down across the USA, the TRU is doing well but it’s down across the country.
        6. There continues to be a discussion around MD3 Championships; there is still some discussion about costs to individual clubs for a National Championships.
          1. Dodge: Is there anything concrete around this?
          2. Watson: USA Rugby has done several surveys and the clubs always come back saying they want a Championship. But there is lots of discussion around the costs to go to a National Championship.
  8. Adjourn (8:42 PM)