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2018 TRU All Stars Named – All Star Challenge Dec 1-2

Head Coach, Holly Iker is excited to announce the following selections for the TRU All-Star Team. The All Stars will battle with Mid-America who is returning for their third year. Additionally, select teams from Capital Rugby Union and Stars Rugby join the All Star Challenge in Grand Prairie on Dec 1-2.

The All Star Challenge weekend begins Saturday at 10:00 AM with your TRU All Stars hosting Capital Rugby. Next up is a men’s club match featuring the Dallas Reds and Stars Rugby at 12:00 PM. Following that we have the final women’s All Star match of the day, Mid-America versus Stars Rugby at 3:00 PM.

The Challenge continues on Sunday with Mid-America against Capital at 11:00 AM and TRU vs Stars at 1:00 PM.

All matches will be broadcast on the TRU Youtube channel and we invite you to join us all weekend at Prairie Park in Grand Prairie, TX.

Event Schedule

Saturday, Dec 1 – Prairie Park @ South Bagdad Road

10:00 AM – TRU All Stars vs Capital Rugby
12:00 PM – Stars Rugby vs Dallas Reds (Men’s)
3:00 PM – Mid-America vs Stars Rugby

Sunday, Dec 2 – Prairie Park @ South Bagdad Road

11:00 AM – Mid-America vs Capital Rugby
1:00PM – TRU vs Stars Rugby

2018 TRU All Stars

Alexis Frueh, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Barbara Blair, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Brittany McGhee, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Christine Thomas, Sam Houston State University Women’s Rugby
Elizabeth Rhea, Sam Houston State University Women’s Rugby
Elizabeth Shields, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Emily Fillmore, At Large – Texas
Erika Persil, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Francine Penikis, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Geri Thomas, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Haley Hunter, Dallas Rugby Football Club – Women
Heather Rennerfeldt, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Ireland Vela, Texas State University – San Marcos Women
Jordan Ynostrosa, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Karla Navarrete, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC
Kate Prostrollo, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Kiana Curl, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Leslie Schroeder, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Lori Mayfield, Dallas Rugby Football Club – Women
Lynsey McKinney, Texas A&M Women’s RFC
Mary Waller, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Meagan Goode, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Michelle Nguyen, Univ. Oklahoma Women’s Rugby Club
Nadira Smith, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Nick James, Houston Athletic Rugby Club – Women
Taylor Welch, Texas State University – San Marcos Women
Victoria Wheeler, Sam Houston State University Women’s Rugby
Vivien Greiser, Austin Valkyries Women’s RFC

Holly Iker
Luis Sanchez

Capital Rugby

Lacy Ames, Frederick
Emily Blease, NOVA
Samantha Bottorf, Severn River
Destiny Cardenas, Frederick
Gloria Cho, DC Furies
Kathleen Clement, Severn River
Kayla Cook, NOVA
Kara Cuddapah, Norfolk
Leni Dworkis, DC Furies
Chloe Jex, DC Furies
Ariel Johnson, NOVA
Saundra Johnson, NOVA
Sharifa Love-Schnur, DC Furies
Kristen Maxey, DC Furies
Aly McCarty (Jost), Severn River
Chrissy (Crusty) Metzmaier, NOVA
Kay Onyekwere, NOVA
Gina Reistrup, NOVA
Michelle Reyes, NOVA
Caitlin Steiner, James River
Nina Tran, DC Furies

Head coach: Toga Fanueli
Coach: Terry Pledger
Coach: Maggie Olney
Coach: Kristen Clardy

Mid-America Rugby

Alyssa Doucet-Murad, Mizzou Women’s Rugby Club
Anna Albrecht, STL Sabres
Anna Savage, STL Sabres
Belyna “Bells” Bentlage, Omaha Goats
Brittany David, STL Sabres
Bryana Jackson, Omaha Goats
Ciara Clawson, KC Jazz
Emily Lessner, CRFC Black Sheep
Glory Woolley, Oklahoma State University Womens Rugby
Jasmine Kovacs, Omaha Goats
Jessica Weston, STL Sabres
Kallie O’Keefe, Pittsburg State University Women’s Rugby
Katelyn Sanders, CRFC Black Sheep
Kaylee Kipp, Kansas State University
Kerra Wieberg, CRFC Black Sheep
Marlin “Bean” Joyce, Omaha Goats
Meredith Schwartz, STL Sabres
Miranda McOsker, Omaha Goats
Monique Dodson, CRFC Black Sheep
Nesha Newton, STL Sabres
Rochelle Towson, Kansas Women’s Rugby Football Club
Valerie Driscoll, Kansas Women’s Rugby Football Club
Whitney Smith, STL Sabres

Anna Kunkel – Head Coach
Jay Brewer – Assistant Coach
Jody Lawrence – Assistant Coach

Stars Rugby

Sarah “Esther” Anderson, Chicago Women’s RFC, Chicago, Illinois
Jenna Balestra, Fresno State University, Fresno, California
*Christa Banks, Seattle Saracens, Seattle, Washington
*Elena Cantorna, Seattle Saracens, Seattle, Washington
*Cat Clohessy, Life West Gladiatrix, Hayward, California
Santia Deck, Atlanta Harlequins, Atlanta, Georgia
*Jess Enderby, At Large, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Izzi Gibbon, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania
*Sierra Gribble, St Louis Sabres, St Louis, Missouri
Jasmine Griffin, Raleigh Venom, Raleigh, North Carolina
*Courtney Holmes, Raleigh Venom, Raleigh, North Carolina
Brooke Schraffenberger, Detroit Women’s Rugby, Detroit, Michigan
*Loren Schlei, Milwaukee Scylla, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Leah Smeltzer, Rochester Women, Rochester, New York
Meg Steffes, Atlanta Harlequins, Atlanta, Georgia
Sydney Stoever, Wichita Valkyries, Wichita, Kansas
*Keta Sutton, Atlanta Harlequins, Atlanta, Georgia
Carol Trammell, Eno River Rugby Club, Durham, North Carolina
*Amy Verdonik, San Diego Surfers, San Diego, California
*Callie Woods, Columbia Bombshells, Columbia, South Carolina
Morgan Yankee, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HEAD COACH: Adam Dick, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ASSISTANT COACH: Nic Benson, Salt Lake City, Utah
DIRECTOR: Liz Entwhistle, Chicago, Illinois

*indicates veteran of previous Stars tours

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