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TRU Board Notes – 12/17/2018

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Kurylas
    3. James
    4. Tomsak
    5. Hiller
    6. Dodge
    7. Tate
    8. Yeoman
      1. Guest
        1. Frank Waller
      2. Regrets
        1. Green
  2. Follow ups
    1. Budget
      1. Tate: A few changes from what we talked about last time. I went ahead and went a bit more conservative on a few things, basically removed padding. So we can still close the deficit with a few things:
        1. Travel Grants – If we can have USAR playoffs or Championships in our area, that will be a big help
        2. CIPP growth – We’re anticipating that we stay flat this year
        3. Youtube income – We monetized our Youtube channel and we’ll get a few hundred bucks from that
        4. Schedule Changes – We may save a bit on the referee side of things, Dogfish folded and San Marcos (W) have folded. That means less games we have to cover.
    2. Compliance
      1. Young: Looking very good, 44 active clubs and just a few clubs that still need to register or get enough CIPP’d players.
      2. Tate: We also have 1,972 individuals CIPP’d with the TRU. We have more coaches and admins than ever before and underperforming as far as players. We’re about 500 senior club players lacking but we still have a busy spring coming up.
    3. CMS
      1. Young: Again, going well. A few teams have had to be reminded about the new CIPP deadline.
      2. Tate: I’ve also gotten a few emails about how to do something in the database.
    4. Corpus Christi Dogfish folded
      1. Tate: Dogfish was running 18-19 registered folks last year and they have folded. Unfortunate but they will remain members and can try to rebuild if needed.
    5. DFW Level 1 Referee Course – Jan 5
      1. Tate: What do we have in terms of registrations?
      2. Dodge: Robbie hasn’t sent me the link yet, so we can’t check.
      3. Young: I can have Robbie add me and I can keep everyone updated.
      4. Dodge: I’ve had a few questions about the scholarship, have we set aside budget or anything?
      5. Tate: We haven’t set a budget yet, what do we think is fair?
      6. Young: We’ve done 5 people in the past.
      7. Tate: So 5 people would be $375, that seems pretty reasonable.
      8. Dodge: I’ve only had one person ask about it so far, why don’t we start with 5 and if we need more we can go from there.
      9. Tate: We have a motion to approve five referee scholarships for the January 27 referee course in Dallas.
        1. Tomsak: Second.
      10. Tate: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.
        1. Tate: Cool, I’m adding this to the budget now.
        2. Young: Who should they contact if they want a scholarship?
        3. Tate: I would suggest that they go ahead and fill out the TRU Grant request form.
        4. Young: Great! I receive those and will share with Dodge.
    6. Spring AGM – January 27, SUNDAY
      1. Tate: We’ll be doing our bi-annual AGM on Sunday, January 27 virtually. Call-in details are linked in the post above. We’ve found over the years that attendance at in-person AGMs has gone down and I’m going to assume that is because we’re doing fine (transparency and minutes etc). I would encourage all of you to encourage your constituents to attend as we’d prefer more attendance than none.
      2. Young: Was the format that we did last year OK? A presentation?
      3. Tate: Yes, I think that is fine. As long as we have a means of a way to monitor questions. Something where people have the means to ask questions.
      4. Young: Yes, good call-out. The call-in will have a comments function if people want to do that.
      5. Tate: Good, we just want people to be able to ask questions.
      6. Dodge: I would like an opportunity on the agenda for the RRRC Competitions Committee nominees to speak and/or ask questions.
      7. Tate: No problem.
    7. All Stars wrap up
      1. Tate: We had the TRU All Star Challenge in Grand Prairie.
      2. Young: It was a wonderful weekend with great weather and John and Grand Prairie were fantastic. All four teams attended, broadcasting was great and overall very good event. We’ve already had one player invited to a USAR camp with a few other possibles on the list. We’ll look to do it again next year with 6-8 teams.
  3. USAR Reorganization
    1. Tate: Dave, did you have anything on this?
    2. Yeoman: Yes, we were notified by the Board that they’ve come to a selection of who they’d like to be the next USAR Board member. It should be a pretty quick turnaround to put this person on the Board. We just got the notice  few hours ago so I don’t really know much about him. Otherwise they’ve had some reorganization at the National Office and some individuals have already been let go. I’m not sure how they’ve reorganized to backfill those positions. The NDS is coming up in January and we’re trying to schedule our next Congress meeting (very few open weekends). We want to allow the reorganization committee to have time to work and so we’ve pushed our next meeting out.
    3. Dodge: We know that Erik Geib was also let go, that was essentially the entire USAR Club Department.
    4. Tate: I had a call with Kurt Weaver, who is the new USAR Vice President of Operations. Basically they are trying to break down the silos and reorganize around functions. Competitions, Eligibility and Membership go across all the silos. I expressed to him that from our perspective we always hear a lot about HS and college and we understand that is important to the game…but the Club game gets left out quite a bit. Erik was our only representation and I was very concerned that we won’t have a voice or advocate at that level. Kurt acknowledged what I was saying and promised that he would send me an updated org chart. When he does send that to me, I will share it with everyone. He did discuss several other things that they are planning to do. The one that sounds the most impactful to us is that they are looking to hire a specialist in organizational development who would work with the GUs, SROs etc to help improve the function and efficiency at an organizational level. The way he described it, they are really looking at addressing some of the more dysfunctional organizations. He also mentioned that they are reorganizing the Referee & Coach departments to include more ongoing education. Probably the biggest thing I heard in our conversations was breaking down the silos and realizing that if everything was together it would be a lot easier. I mentioned our experience with the Lonestar women coming back under the TRU was positive. Clubs are shopping around for the best service and we want to help provide the best that we can. I’m going to CO for the Holidays and I’ve asked Kurt for an in-person meeting to go into more detail on all of this.
      1. Tate: Is there anything anyone would like me to speak with the National Office about?
      2. Dodge: The only thing I’m concerned about with breaking down the silos is that then we have a resource deficit.
      3. Tate: Yes, exactly. He did mention there is an annual SRO meeting (youth) and maybe we need to get all the GU Presidents to attend as well. I made the point that Rugby Texas has a part-time admin and we have a part-time admin. College is all on a volunteer basis and if we could pool all that, perhaps we could have a full-time person. I’m certainly very happy with what we have and I don’t want to give that up to someone else.
      4. Waller: Youth rugby broke away because of a lack of resources and I don’t know how they can be brought back together. The challenge is still there and both parties want different things.
      5. Tate: We could debate this over and over, but I do believe we all have the same goals at the end of the day.
      6. Yeoman: As your club representative I’ve been pushing for more oversight or representation on the other two silos leadership. In the end, amatuer clubs are usually the final customer of the youth and colleges. So to make sure that the development of those players is meeting what the High Performance needs as well as the standards of the college and clubs. I feel like the silos should still exist but we should all have representation on each others boards. Things are moving pretty quickly but I’ll try to continue to be an advocate for everyone.
      7. Tate: The other point that I made to Kurt is that investing in the development and growth of adult club rugby is really critical to the continued success of youth and HS. If you look at the makeup of the coaches, administrators most of us all came from the club game. We need rugby people from a healthy adult club game in order to continue to drive and meet the needs of youth, HS and collegiate growth.
  4. Forfeits/Cancellations
    1. 12/1
      1. Tyler vs DARC II – DARC II forfeit, PLAYED forfeit
    2. 12/8
      1. Fort Worth vs Harlequins – Weather
      2. Austin Huns III vs Alamo City – Weather
      3. Shreveport vs Grand Prairie – Weather
      4. Dallas Diablos vs Abilene – Weather
      5. Fort Worth II vs Alliance II – Weather
      6. Dallas Harlequins (W) vs Austin Valkyries (W) – Weather
    3. 12/15
      1. Dallas Diablos vs Fort Worth II – Weather
  5. TRU Grant Request
    1. Lynsey McKinney – USAR Winter Camp
      1. Tate: Lynsey has been invited to the USAR Winter Camp in Chula Vista, CA. Typically we’ve given $250 to these types of requests.
      2. James: Lynsey has started playing with Texas A&M this fall. She tried out and made the TRU All Star team and did very well. She’s just picked up the sport and has accelerated her way onto an All Star team and has now been invited to a USAR camp. We’re very excited for her.
      3. James: I make a motion to approve a grant of $250 grant to Lynsey McKinney.
      4. Dodge: Second.
      5. Tate: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.
  6. Weather Cancellations
    1. Young: We had a ton of cancellations last weekend and TRRA and I were only told about one of them before and one afterwards. If weather causes a cancellation the home teams are required to notify the TRU admin, assigned referees, referee scheduler (Scott Green) and their opponents ASAP. If notifications are not sent or don’t include the right individuals than there can be additional sanctions. Posted a reminder to the website: https://texasrugbyunion.com/2018/12/12/match-cancellations-reminder/.
    2. Tate: Oh dear, we’ll need to stay on top of that. Please reinforce to all of your constituents that they must report this to the right parties.
    3. Young: The worst part of it was that referees weren’t informed, we just saw notices going up on social media.
    4. Tate: Yea, that’s no good.
  7. USAR NDS – January 11-13 in Houston, TX
    1. Volunteers
      1. Tate: They’ve put out a request that if anyone wants to help with the Summit, they are needed! If you’d like to volunteer, use this form: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044EACAB29A5F85-2019.
    2. Discount Code
      1. Tate: We’ve also shared a discount code to all TRU Coaches, admins and Club Presidents. It gives $15 off for anyone that wants to register for the Summit. For every ten people that sign-up, we get a free registration.
      2. Young: It went out Thursday of last week.
      3. Tate: Who is going?
      4. Dodge: Yes
      5. Young: Yes
      6. James: Yes
      7. Yeoman: Yes
      8. Tate: Great, I would encourage everyone else to go as well.
  8. WD3
    1. San Marcos Sirens folded
      1. Tate: A small team that struggled but they will remain members if they can rebuild.
  9. College 7s/All Stars
    1. Waller: I’m working on the All Stars program and I have several people that are going to help out with it. We’re going to do it in the Spring as USAR picks the Collegiate All Americans. I need to start looking for some competition, there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there. As far as 7s, here is the anticipated schedule:
      1. 2/2 Dallas
      2. 2/23 Austin
      3. 3/23 Houston
      4. 4/14 A&M
    2. Tate: If there are any budget requests, please get those in ASAP.
    3. Young: Frank, we need to know the date and location so we can start to help with the event. We can do bibs, order balls and trophies etc.
  10. IGNORE for now, just want it in the minutes for the Summer AGM
    1. Board Nominations
      1. President – Sep 2020 (3 year term)
      2. Vice President – Sep 2019 (3 year term)
      3. DI M Rep – Sep 2019 (3 year term)
      4. W Rep – Sep 2019 (3 year term)
      5. DII M Rep – Sep 2021 (3 year term)
      6. DIII M Rep – Sep 2021 (3 year term)
      7. Congress – Sep 2020 Watson (2 year term)
      8. Congress – Sep 2019 Yeoman (2 year term)
  11. New Business
    1. None
  12. Meeting Adjourned (9:12 PM)