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2019 RRRC 7s Series – Call for Host Bids

The bidding for the right to host a 2019 Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) 7s Qualifying Tournament has opened. This year the 7s committee has determined that only three tournaments are needed. The USA Rugby Performance Game Board has also announced an East & West Super Qualifier on the men’s competition that will add optional opportunities for teams to qualify for USA Rugby Club 7s.

The Austin Huns will host the first RRRC Qualifier in partnership with their existing Bloodfest 7s tournament on June 22. The other two qualifier dates are July 13 and 27 at locations to be determined by this bidding process. The East and West men’s Super Qualifiers will be held June 29 at locations to be determined by USA Rugby.

The RRRC men’s and women’s Qualifier tournaments will feature the Hybrid Bracket format again this summer. Under the Hybrid Bracket format, teams will declare upon signing up for the Qualifier tournament whether they are playing for Qualifier points or TOLA points, but all teams seeking either category of points will play as part of the same bracket.

The TRU will contract with the TRRA for Hybrid Bracket referees. However, please note that the host club will be responsible for paying to the TRU a proportional share of the expense of the Hybrid Bracket based on the following formula: [Teams Playing for TOLA Points / Total Hybrid Bracket Teams] x Total Referee Cost for Hybrid Bracket. Also, bidding teams will be required to pay a $350 deposit to the TRU as an advance against referee costs within 30 days of being informed they have won the bid to host an RRRC Qualifier Tournament. A true-up calculation will be made after the tournament is over, with any additional payment due to the TRU within 30 days.

So, for example, if there are 10 teams playing in the Hybrid Bracket, with 4 playing for TOLA points and 6 playing for Qualifier points, and the total referee cost for the Hybrid Bracket is $2000, the formula would work as follows:

{[4 / 10] x $2000 = $800} – $350 = $450 Due to TRU 30 days after tournament .

If your club is interested in hosting a RRRC 7s qualifier, please complete the host application at the link below by April 5, 2019. We would like to encourage teams to co-host social brackets with the RRRC Qualifier events for a festival type atmosphere and greater team attendance. Host clubs will need to obtain referees independently from the TRU for all brackets other than the Hybrid Bracket. It is anticipated winning bids will be announced on April 9, 2019.

Event Host Application

Qualifier and National Tournament Dates:

  • June 22 – Bloodfest 7s (Austin, TX)
  • June 29 – Eastern & Western Qualifiers (Men’s) – Locations TBD by USA Rugby
  • July 13 – Location TBD by Red River Committee
  • July 27 – Location TBD by Red River Committee
  • Aug. 10-11 – National Championship tournament – Location TBD by USA Rugby

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RRRC 7s Director, Filip Keuppens at fkeuppens@texasrugbyunion.com or (716) 435-5757.