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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 6/10/2019

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Kurylas
    3. Tolar
    4. Dodge
    5. Watson
    6. Kolberg
    7. Dale
    8. Fosco
    9. Leming
    10. Hughes
      1. Regrets
        1. Keuppens
  2. Follow Ups
    1. USAR Championships
      1. Austin Blacks D1 lost by one point
      2. Austin Valkyries lost by two points
      3. Austin Blacks D3 WON!
    2. 7s
      1. RRRC
        1. 6/22 – RRRC Qualifier 1 – Bloodfest 7s, Austin, TX
        2. 6/29 – USA Rugby National Super Qualifier (Men’s)
          1. Philadelphia, PA
          2. San Francisco, CA
        3. 7/13 – RRRC Qualifier 2 – Hell or Highwater 7s, Spring, TX
        4. 7/27 – RRRC Qualifier 3 – Red River Rampage 7s, Dallas, TX
        5. 8/10 – 8/11 – USA Rugby National 7s, Kansas City, MO
          1. Dodge: Let’s all reach out to our constituents and remind them about the updated USAR Eligibility guidelines for 7s, specifically the qualifiers. We have a few new teams participating this year and we want to make sure they are covered. We also held the first TOLA event in Dallas this past weekend with 20 men’s teams, 7 women’s teams and 6 HS boys teams.
      2. TOLA
    3. Austin Blacks Grievance
      1. Dodge: I mentioned on the last call that I’m asking John Dale to act in my stead on this grievance. Austin had asked that we hold off until after the 15s Championship. We’ll move forward with that and we may have to have a special call on that. I don’t want it to stop our work on promotion and relegation though as we work towards the scheduling for next year. Any thoughts or concerns on that issue?
  3. World Rugby High-tackle Sanction Framework
    1. Young: World Rugby has released a new high-tackle sanction framework and USA has adopted it. Be on the lookout for this emphasis as 7s kicks off.
    2. Kolberg: Is Scott reviewing this with the referees or is it being decimated to the referees directly?
    3. Young: I’m not doing as much with the referees anymore but I know it’s being discussed in the 7s high performance group. It will more than likely be discussed once the 15s seasons starts.
    4. Dodge: Were there any issues at the tournament this weekend?
    5. Kolberg: There were a few yellows and one red but I believe it was for foul play.
    6. Dodge: I didn’t see an alarming number of cards for high tackles or anything. 
    7. Tolar: We did have one in the HS matches that was yellow and with the framework it could have possibly been a red. We may need to make sure that Rugby Texas is aware of this new framework.
    8. Dodge: Good point, I’m supposed to talk to Homer tomorrow and I’ll make sure he’s aware.
  4. Summit/HOF
    1. Young: The TRU Summit and HOF are August 23-25 in Allen, TX. The available courses have been announced and note that the Coaching L300 is almost already full. Get signed up quickly!
  5. RRRC/TRU Files Moved
    1. Young: I moved all the TRU and RRRC files from my personal GDrive over to the admin@texasrugbyunion.com GDrive. This is an effort to make sure those files are available if I ever die or something. Everyone will be given the same access as they had before.
  6. Promotion & Relegation
    1. Dodge: Kurylas has done some pre-work on this already, I’ll preface this by saying that the teams that are subject to relegation but want to stay where they are, I’m generally open to that.
    2. Kurylas: No men’s teams have met any of the promotion guidelines so we’re essentially only looking at relegation.
      1. MD1: 
        1. San Antonio is relegated
          1. Leming: From the club perspective we’re wanting to challenge the relegation. We’d like to stay in D1 and our D2 side would like to stay as well. 
          2. Dodge: One thing I would throw out there and I’m not saying this to change your mind. I wish we had more teams that would play up. It does look like USAR is going to get rid of the contiguous side rule, I don’t know if that helps or hurts you? 
          3. Watson: Yes, that is almost a certainty that it’s going to happen.
          4. Dodge: Yes, I’d say it is almost a done deal, we’re just waiting on final approval.
          5. Leming: I think for smaller clubs the contiguous rule is a detriment. I applaud USAR for adopting that and it would help with our decision to stay in D1.
          6. Dodge: So would that mean your D1 stays up but the second side plays in D3?
          7. Leming: At this point I would say yes. Forcing a D1 club to have a second side play in D2 is actually harder to staff and function. 
          8. Kurylas: Hypothetical, if we had the D1b sides play in the same region…would that have been more beneficial? 
          9. Leming: I think that the D1b in the past did make a lot of sense when you look at it from a game-day perspective. Now if we’re saying that if you have a D1 that you have to have a D1b, that is going right back to the contiguous rule.
          10. Dale: The Quins are in the same boat, we’d like to be able to rebuild and have a team in D1 but the second side would be in D3. 
          11. Leming: If we go back to a D1b division, that won’t help the rebuilding clubs or sides that are trying to focus on D1.
          12. Watson: Does the lack of numbers also cause issues on the D2 side?
          13. Dale: Yes, that is what we were seeing in D2. OUr second side was getting stomped and new players didn’t want to keep playing.
          14. Leming: I would agree with that. If we had the choice we would have a D1 and a D3 side.
          15. Dodge: Am I hearing the same thing for the Quins?
          16. Dale: Yes. It also doesn’t help the other D2 clubs when they are having 100+ victories.
          17. Dodge: Ok, I’m all for aligning the divisions but this could mean there is more travel for clubs.
          18. Dale: I don’t know that it would be more travel, but it may mean that clubs are traveling apart.
          19. Kolberg: D3 North would have very limited travel.
          20. Dodge: I wouldn’t count on that because we’d be restructuring everything potentially if we go non-contiguous. It’s just a matter of figuring out all the structures. 
        2. MD1 restructure
          1. Dodge: Still no solid developments but it looks like the ARP is pulling out. It looks like it would be very similar to WD1 with four regions. 
      2. WD1
        1. Dallas Harlequins relegated
          1. Young: Following the policy, the Quins are relegated. We would absolutely hope that the Quins appeal as we do believe they should be in D1. We’re moving forward with the WD1 restructure with them in mind.
          2. Dodge: Wendy, is there an update on the USAR WD1 restructure?
          3. Young: Yes, we had a call two weeks ago. I expressed the team’s concerns around a combined West/Frontier/SoCal league with 8-9 teams. The teams were concerned about travel so we went back to 5 teams, Black Ice, Glendale, Houston, Austin and Dallas. That also puts it back at four regions instead of three. It would be home/away for league play with the two tops seeds advancing to USAR Westerns.
      3. MD2
        1. Dallas Harlequins & San Antonio relegated
      4. WD2
        1. Bay Area relegated
        2. McAllen promoted
          1. Young: Same thing here, Bay Area is relegated if we are following the policy. However, we’d encourage them to appeal as well since the TRU WD3 is very fluid. We do want to recommend that McAllen is promoted to WD2.
          2. Dodge: Are there any other clubs that could participate in WD2? OKC? Tulsa?
          3. Young: We will ask but most of the WD3 teams folded. Except for McAllen.
          4. Fosco: We may reach out to Tulsa as they weren’t able to get very many matches last year. I can go ahead and reach out.
            1. UPDATE 6/26 Fosco: Spoke with Tulsa and they will than likely be joining Mid-America with their men.
      5. MD3
        1. Corpus Christi Crabs and Kingwood both met criteria for relegation
          1. Kurylas: They’ve both met the criteria but do we really want to relegate them to TRU MD4?
          2. Leming: With TRU MD4 being outside of the RRRC, is it right to relegate a side? The intent of MD4 is development and social. 
          3. Watson: I don’t see how we can do that. MD3 is the bottom of our competition.
          4. Hughes: From my perspective it should be automatic. Of course there is the option to contest that. Why don’t we apply the promotion & relegation rules to everyone and then allow them to petition.
          5. Watson: Ok, so what do we do with someone that comes in last place in MD4? Push them out of the competition? We can’t do it in one but not in another?
          6. Dodge: Technically we don’t have any oversight on TRU MD4. I do think Travis’ point is well made though, has anyone talked to these clubs to see what their intentions are? They may also not be aware that they are being relegated. We need to post the results and let the teams weigh their decision. I’d like to have this posted quickly so we can start working on appeals and on the schedule.
          7. Leming: I am in full agreement of following the process. My whole question was more around management of RRRC vs TRU divisions. 
          8. Kurylas: Two years ago we relegated a club down to MD4 and they did appeal.
          9. Young: Yes, there is precedent for it as it’s been done in the past.
          10. Kolberg: I think we have to consider the number of forfeits that happened in MD4. But I agree that we should follow the process and allow teams to appeal if they’d like. 
          11. Dodge: Yes, forfeits are difficult for everyone. If teams are expecting a match and an opponent doesn’t arrive, that is very unfortunate.
    3. Communication about promotion & relegation
      1. Dodge: Wendy, I’ll put together a notice about the contiguous side notice. It may give some folks thoughts about playing up or moving their club sides together. Then we can post the official promotion and relegation results for review. We will give 21 days notice for appeals and then we’ll look to finalize quickly after that so we can start working on the schedule.
  7. New Business
    1. None.
  8. Call Adjourned (9:01 PM)