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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 10/14/2019

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Dodge
    3. Leming
    4. Kolberg
    5. Keuppens
    6. Kurylas
    7. Tolar
    8. Roche
    9. Hughes
    10. Dale
    11. Watson
      1. Regrets
        1. O’Gara
  2. Follow Ups
    1. RRRC weather notification / cancellation / rescheduling policies
      1. Dodge: Last time we were together we put together an ad hoc committee to work on this. Any progress there?
        1. Kurylas: Yes, we looked at it and we’re pretty similar to USA Rugby. We did look at situations where matches are cancelled after the visiting teams arrives. That match would be rescheduled and if the travel was less than 90 miles it would be at the same location. If more than 90 miles than the host team would have to travel on the reschedule.
        2. Dodge: So the parts about rescheduling matches on Sunday or the next available date is all there?
        3. Kurylas: Yes, we recommend leaving all of that in place. 
        4. Dodge: Ok good, do you have something written up?
        5. Kurylas: Not yet, but we can write it up.
        6. Dodge: Great, let’s put it together and have the  overall committee review. Does anyone have an issue with reviewing this by  email and then a vote on the next call?
          1. Kolberg: With the 90 mile rule it really puts a burden on the divisions that have  a greater geographic divide (ie Men’s or Women’s D1). 
          2. Dodge: So you’re looking at this based on loss of facility?
          3. Kurylas: Yes, that’s the situation we were mostly looking at. 
          4. Dodge: I would say no that we wouldn’t want to punish the host team if travel was over 90 miles. 
          5. Young: I don’t know if this solves the issue that we had this past year. There were two issues and the 90 miles only solves one part of it. What about that there were playable dates but due to appeals those were exhausted? I don’t think this solves the issues.
          6. Dodge: We also can’t stop a team if they want to appeal as that is allowed in the guidelines. What if we merged this new proposal to be if travel is greater than 90 miles and the team isn’t informed before a certain time, the match is rescheduled for the next weekend at the traveling team’s pitch. 
          7. Watson: There is another wrinkle here, we have some holes in our policy because it says “next available date”. Clubs can always say there is a fundraiser or an event already  scheduled if they want to delay. I think it should say the next date is the next date.
          8. Dodge: I think that is the intent of the policy but it does say “available” date. 
          9. Watson: Right, we’re seeing this all over USA Rugby, it needs to say the first available weekend (ie, the next available league match weekend).
          10. Roche: I agree with Dodge, if it cannot be continued as scheduled it needs to be next available league match date at the original visiting team’s pitch.
          11. Dodge: So then if the first available date isn’t available, it falls to the second available weekend at the traveling team? 
          12. Roche: I think that could be determined by the teams.
          13. Dodge: Ok, I do want to make sure we avoid what has happened in the past where teams wait to reschedule and then they run out of dates. 
          14. Young: I do think our policy has a bit of fluff in it, we need to tighten it up to next available match league weekend.
          15. Kolberg: I think we say that it’s automatically the next available weekend and the only conflict is if there is a match scheduled already. 
          16. Dodge: I’m trying to add incentives for teams to reschedule or completion of matches promptly. We can always say if teams can agree on another date that is fine. They need to make an agreement or play/finish the match within the next two mutually open weekends. The only issue with that is if we’re at the end of the season do they have time to replay the match and/or finish.
          17. Watson: That has happened for years where teams don’t finish matches and it affects the overall standings.
          18. Dodge: It shouldn’t affect the standings as we’ve modified the points breakers etc to help mitigate forfeits. I do hear you that unplayed matches have implications on other teams. Maybe we give them the option to play on the next available weekend or it flips. But it has to be made within 1 week. 
          19. Roche: We need to make sure we’re taking into account the referees as well. Dallas is  still quite short on referees and we’re still bringing in referees from other cities.
          20. Kolberg: What if we say that teams have to make a call on Friday evening by 10pm? If there is impending thunderstorms or freezing weather, the call needs to be made that night. If it turns out sunny, than that’s how the dice rolls.
          21. Dodge: I agree, does anyone have an issue with teams making the call the night before?
          22. Roche: I would say 9pm, I like to go to bed early. 🙂
          23. Dodge: Ok, no disagreement there. John, do you have enough to put this all down on paper?
          24. Kurylas: Yes, I’ll get into it. 
    2. Competition Enhancement ad hoc Committee
      1. Dodge: Another ad hoc committee, did we make any progress on this one?
      2. Hughes: We’re still trying to build the committee and we haven’t started yet.
      3. Dodge: Ok, we want to address the lopsided scores, are there structural changes we can make to alleviate those or minimize them? One thing I’ve been tossing around is doing promotion/relegation on a geographic or divisional level?
      4. Kurylas: So geographically, would that be multiple teams in divisions being relegated or promoted?
      5. Dodge: Right, so you’d have MD3 South, North and Central would all have promotion and relegation. 
      6. Kurylas: I did something similar last year when we were looking at scenarios.
      7. Dodge: Yes, some food for thought.
      8. Kueppens: What is the NCC’s appetite for an overhaul…something like New Zealand or a Hong Kong 7s format? Teams declare Tier A or Tier B and then are “shuffled” as play occurs throughout the season. 
      9. Dodge: Interesting, send it to me and I’ll review it. I think it’s more an eligibility question than anything. If we can meet match minimums then it’s something to consider.
    3. Referee Abuse Proposal
      1. Dodge: Wendy circulated this last week, who has comments?
      2. Watson: I thought it looked good.
      3. Kolberg: Looks good.
      4. Roche: Yes, Tim and I have both looked at it.
      5. O’Gara: I wanted to chime in, if we get to the point where we’re fining someone, where will that fine go? I’d like to propose that it go to the TRRA Developmental Fund.
      6. Dodge: Keep in mind that the TRU would handle fines, we don’t have any say over financials. 
      7. Young: I’ll add this to the TRU agenda for our call next week.
      8. Dodge: Wendy, can you send this out again and final comments need to be in by Wed and vote by Fri at 5pm.
      9. Young: Yes, I can do that.
    4. Club Compliance checks
      1. New Clubs
        1. Alliance W – 1 player CIPP’d and have a L200 coach
        2. Denton W – 8 players CIPP’d and have a L200 coach
        3. Grand Prairie W – 3 CIPP’d and have a L200 coach
          1. Young: As an FYI for this group, we released the WD3 guidelines to the teams this week. They will be playing 10s on half fields and we’re hoping for 3-4 teams at each event. 
        4. Fort Hood – 24 and fully compliant
        5. OKC Tribe Rugby – 29 and fully compliant
        6. NTX Barbarians – 3 members and needs a L200 coach
        7. Other Rugby Club – 11 members; 1st match will be at Round Round Complex, working on locations for the rest
      2. MD4 Galveston – Removed from the D4 schedule (via email)
    5. Referee Training Events
      1. Young: Next L1 certification event is 10/26 in Houston – Only 3 people signed up; O’Gara believes 6-8 college players will be signing up soon.
      2. Dodge: Tim, are we using the DARC tournament for referee training?
      3. Tolar: Unfortunately we had to cancel that tournament.
      4. Roche: We are doing referee trainings at Lone Survivor and an event that just popped up this weekend in Houston.
      5. O’Gara: If the DARC tournament has been cancelled, we need to have two clubs step up and allow us to use an event to train referees. It could be an inter-squad scrimmage or a friendly match but we need some help in the DFW area.
      6. Keuppens: Tim, we just started training this week but we can try and put the word out there for 10/26. 
      7. Tolar: The men are having a controlled scrimmage in place of the DARC tournament.
      8. Fosco: Yes and the women will be out there playing against the Quins.
      9. Roche: Great, so it looks like we have some possibilities. Tim, can you take it from here?
      10. O’Gara: Yes.
  3. New Business
    1. None.
  4. Meeting Adjourned (9:07 PM)