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May Madness Bracket Challenge

Have you ever looked at the TRU/RRRC Tie Breaker policy?

Down at the very bottom is the ultimate tie-breaker, the only one that has a guaranteed winner – the toss of a coin. Never in the history of the TRU has it come down to this option – it’s rarely made it past the second tiebreaker. Until now.

What if we had been able to finish out the pool games? Who would have gone into playoffs? Would a Red River team have represented at the USA Rugby National Championships?

We will never know for sure – but we can play out a few scenarios. Introducting the May Madness Bracket Challenge!

The Game

The weekend of May 2nd and 3rd we will be using the ultimate tiebreaker to figure out what COULD have happened at the TRU/RRRC Championships – coin flips. Tune in LIVE on our Facebook page to follow along:

Saturday May 2nd:

10am – D3 Wildcard Rounds, D4 tiebreaker

2pm – Semi-Finals

Sunday May 3rd

2pm – Finals

Home and Away teams have already been determined by seeding of current standings. The Away team will have the choice of heads or tails and be contacted prior to the live coin flips to make their choice.

Please note these results will have zero effect on team standings – this is just a fun “what if” scenario.

The Brackets

Playoff brackets were created from the standings prior to the cancellation of play on March 13, 2020. Tiebreakers were applied as needed, except in the case of Men’s D4-North where a lack of games required us to create a tiebreaker game between North Texas Barbarians and Denton. 

Men's Division 1

Women's D1

Men's Division 2

Women's Division 2

Men's Division 3

Men's Division 4

The Challenge

Since this is a FANTASY Championship bracket and teams are just playing by the whim of a coin, we decided to create a very real challenge for our members to go along with it. The May Madness Bracket Challenge is your chance to pick who you think will go all the way – based on the flip of a coin. 

  1. Submit your bracket picks using this form
  2. Tune in LIVE on May 2nd and 3rd to see how your picks do in the challenge.

The person with the most correct picks OVERALL will be crowned the May Madness Bracket Challenge Champion. Should there be a tie in correct answers, we will determine the winner the most appropriate way – by the toss of a coin. 

Any questions regarding this fantasy challenge – please contact kat@texasrugbyunion.com.

Again – these results will have zero effect on team standings – this is just a fun “what if” scenario.