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TRU Board Notes – 10/19/20

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

    1. Roll Call
      1. Young
      2. Hiller
      3. Kurylas
      4. Tate
      5. Wilson
      6. Roche
      7. Dodge
        1. Regrets
          1. Tomsak
    2. Grants
      1. Nick James
        1. Tate: This was done digitally and the Board approved a grant for $1000. Nick was invited to the USA WNT 8 week camp in Glendale, CO.
    3. USAR Reorg
      1. Tate: An update on the committees that are now seated, including competitions, discipline and governance. For the TRU, we have these folks on committees:
        1. Training &  Education – Mary Swanstrom
        2. Competitions – Wendy Young
        3. Eligibility – Alex Campbell
        4. Audit & Risk – David Dodge
        5. Diversity Equity & Inclusion – TBC shortly, but we believe it will be someone from the TRU
      2. Tate: So, we have very good representation on these committees and we didn’t have anyone put their hand up for governance or discipline. Some of the committees have had their first meeting and some are still getting warmed up. Training & Ed is probably the busiest so far but the rest will get going soon.
    4. Sportlomo Registration
      1. Tate: We’re getting reports from around the country that Unions are struggling with Sportlomo. It’s clear that there isn’t enough staff for this rollout, on Sportlomo or USA Rugby’s side. Kat has been persevering through the various challenges and registration should be a bit smoother. The Club Executive Committee is meeting tomorrow and this will be one of our agenda items.
        1. Training Registration vs Full Registration
          1. Tate: USA Rugby is offering a training registration this year which includes insurance coverage to begin training in compliance with the return to play guidelines. It DOES NOT cover full matches or competition. Once we enter Stage 5, everyone will need to upgrade to full registration (includes TRU fees) to be eligible for matches or competition. The training registration was offered as a way for folks to get insurance coverage and be active under COVID restrictions.
          2. Young: Both registrations also include a COVID addendum now as well, that is required.
          3. Tate: Yes and it should also be emphasized that if you’re at practice, you should be registered. Period. 
        2. Registration Requirements
          1. Tate: Historically to be considered “in good standing” you had to meet minimum requirements. This included minimum liability insurance for clubs and it included:
            1. Club Registration
            2. CIPP Minimum #s (15 for XVs/9 for 7s)
            3. L200 Certified Coach
          2. Tate: I’m not aware that any of those requirements have changed but given COVID and the offering of training registrations the Club ExCO is going to go to USA Rugby with this question. We want to make sure our clubs are covered when we begin activities.
    5. CMS or Sportlomo?
      1. Tate: Sportlomo is a registration system but it also includes a competition management feature set. The original intent from USAR was that we would shift to use Sportlomo as our CMS. But we know that we’ve had some issues with the Sportlomo rollout so one of the things the ExCO is going to explore tomorrow evening is the possibility of retaining CMS for this cycle. We have talked with the developers of CMS and they believe that they can import rosters and other data to Sportlomo.
    6. RTP
      1. Discussion was held around return to play and more news will be shared in the coming days.
    7. TX Secretary of State Status
      1. Tate: All of the paperwork has been filed and I’m waiting on the certification letter. I called them on Friday and was told that the franchise tax division of the comptroller was backed up and working on a 3-8 week turnaround. So we’re waiting on that.
    8. MD1 MOUs
      1. Tate: I saw the Glendale memorandum of understanding but haven’t seen it for Rugby HTX yet?
      2. Dodge: Yes, we just have a small issue that we’re working through. We may have to have some split matches due to field space but we’re close to an agreement.
      3. Tate: Great, as soon they are ready I will sign.
    9. Virtual Sessions
      1. Tate: These seem to have been going really well.
      2. Young: Yes! We announced two new series for October with Justin Goonan focusing on Strength & Conditioning and Gordon is back with another series on Coaching Philosophy. Gordon will also be hosting a TRU Coaches Roundtable that should be very interesting.
      3. Tate: This is a really unique thing we’re doing and we’re one of the only ones doing it. I really encourage everyone to check out the archived videos on Facebook and Youtube.
      4. Roche: TRRA and Richard Every hosted a session for referees and coaches tonight. This will be a 4 part series and we directly invited coaches. We will be uploading it to the TRU Facebook and Youtube.
    10. New Business
      1. None.
    11. Meeting Adjourned (9:00 PM)