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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes 2/8/21

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

    1. Roll Call
      1. Roche
      2. Young
      3. Keuppens
      4. Dodge
      5. Kolberg
      6. Leming
      7. Kurylas
      8. Dale
        1. Regrets
          1. Fosco
          2. Tolar
          3. Hughes
          4. Watson
    2. Discussion of Waiver Program
      1. Executive Session regarding the Waiver Program proposed by the TRU on their last Board Meeting.
    3. RTP
      1. Survey Results
        1. Dodge: We have gotten a large array of responses on this survey. From teams full contact practicing to not training at all, it’s all over the place. I think we should take one more run at everyone to try to get complete answers. I don’t see enough teams being willing to play to form the type of competition I was envisioning (everyone playing a home/away).
        2. Young: There’s a few responses where multiple members of club leadership responded from the same club and have differing opinions.
        3. Dodge: Unless something drastically changes in the next three weeks, I believe the waiver program and allowing teams to play friendlies will be a better solution.
        4. Keuppens: I’m definitely reluctant to FORCE people to play, so I think even if we have a competition – there can be no repercussions against teams who do not choose to participate. I’m suggesting a Hong Kong format, where there’s a number of events and teams can earn points for standings etc. I don’t want to force anyone to play.
        5. Dodge: Are you envisioning a tournament format? 
        6. Keuppens: I’m not thinking tournament because it’s too unsafe, but if teams can gain points by playing other teams in their trauma area then eventually the top two from each region can advance to a “championship” of sorts later in the year when things are looking better. It’s all about encouraging participation.
        7. Roche: Now I haven’t been a player for a while, but I feel like there’s no need for a competitive level of this. We’re just returning to play and I think we really need to focus on participation. We don’t want to shove any team out because they’re heavily affected by COVID and can’t compete against teams who are really trying to get “points” to raise their “standings’
        8. Leming: I think this competition format works well for larger areas but not for geographically isolated clubs.
        9. Dodge: Well, I think any club in an area that qualifies for a waiver could play any other club in an area that qualifies for a waiver, with the possible exception of allowing the crossing of state lines; although that should be discussed by the TRU board.
        10. Keuppens: By eliminating the competitive element, I fear that some clubs could get left out and no one would want to play them for whatever reason.
        11. Dodge: That’s a very fair point, especially with logistics of travel/etc.
        12. Dodge: So how do we feel about the competition/friendly structure Fil suggested?
        13. Roche: I feel like there’s so much unknown we should start with just friendly opt-ins and see how that goes.
        14. Leming: Looking at the map, Austin is the only area that can play right now – and it changes daily. 
        15. Dodge: So maybe we use March to test-drive the opt-in friendlies / waiver process and then progress to a more competitive structure? Fil can you write something out that explains what you are thinking on the Hong Kong format?
        16. Keuppens: Yep I can do that.
        17. Dodge: So Fil is creating an outline for a tournament format, I will work on this RTP Waiver and criteria for consideration by the TRU Board, do we want to have a special meeting so we can make our March 1st decision?
        18. Keuppens: So if we create this structure, do we want to figure out a way to involve the local collegiate clubs?
        19. Roche: If NCR-CIPPed clubs want to play TRU clubs, we cannot provide referees because those matches won’t be sanctioned and we could possibly have our certifications stripped (this is a whole other issue happening currently).
        20. Keuppens: But if a collegiate team had players who wanted to play and they CIPPed with a TRU club, that would be fine?
        21. Roche: As long as they are CIPPed with something under USA Rugby , it’s ok for us.
      2. Special Meeting to make March 1 Decision
        1. Dodge: To adhere to our decision deadline I am proposing we move our next month meeting up to March 1st, any objections? None.
    4. New Business
      1. Dodge: Dallas Touch has put together a weekend touch league that is gathering a lot of participants, and is pretty popular, so if any other areas are inclined, it is a lot of fun.
    5. Adjournment (9:11pm)