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Rugby is back! Get Registered!


You read that right, rugby is back! We’re encouraging players to register with a full membership or upgrade from your existing training membership for participation in social matches against other teams. As we haven’t had any rugby matches since early 2020, the TRU Board voted recently to reduce the 2021 TRU dues from $50 to $25 per member. Our fiscal period runs September to September, any player who registers during this period is covered for 7s and until the new registration period starting September 1, 2021. The dues change has already been made in Sportlomo and anyone registering from this point on, will see the appropriate dues structure.

For all those that have already registered and paid the full $50 – your names have been recorded and you will be receiving a $25 discount code when you register for the 2021/22 season. Those discount codes will be sent to you in August 2021 when the registration window opens again.

Insurance Questions

We’ve received some questions around insurance and we wanted to address them. If the TRU sanctions a match (even matches approved under the Stage 4+ RTP Waiver Process) USA Rugby insurance applies. Secondary, USAR’s RTP policy *requires* union sanction and our sanctioning process complies with those requirements.

Note that USA Rugby insurance has always excluded unsanctioned play. If the match is not sanctioned, USA Rugby’s insurance carrier has the right to deny coverage on any claims arising from that match. Also note that USA Rugby insurance does not cover claims related specifically to contracting COVID, regardless of any sanctioning. It is *accident* insurance, not health insurance, and only covers injuries related to participating in rugby and not catching a virus.

Stage 4+ RTP Waiver Process

As of publication, we have received eight applications for matches against other teams during Stage 4+. We anticipate that that number will grow as clubs return to full contact training and registering their members. We appreciate your diligence in submitting your requirements.

We want to remind our members that you can easily view active members as well as active members of other clubs using USA Rugby’s public rosters function: https://usarugby.sportlomo.com/rosters/. We’ve also updated the TRU COVID-19 Information page to include clubs that have completed the Stage 4+ RTP Waiver Process and may participate in social matches. We will endeavor to keep this list as up to date as possible! 

Women’s Clubs

There is an effort to create a 7s like round robin/tournaments for the women’s teams in the North and we’re evaluating a similar option for South/Central. If you have ideas or your club is willing to host an event, please email us!

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.