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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 8/9/21

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Roche
    2. Kolberg
    3. Hanlon
    4. Keuppens
    5. Kurylas
    6. Dodge
    7. Leming
    8. Dale
    9. Fosco
    10. Martin
    11. Hughes
      1. Regrets
        1. Young
  2. RRRC Chair
    1. Kurylas: With RRRC elections complete and the new members seated, we digitally accepted nominations for RRRC Chair. David Dodge was the only nominee and has been affirmed by this committee. Congrats Dodge!
    2. Dodge: Thank you.
  3. TOLA 7s Update
    1. Keuppens: All things considered after emerging from COVID, I’m really impressed with our region. We played more tournaments than any other region in the country. We had some big name teams come in from out of the region. We had teams that don’t typically excel in 7s, make a good name for themselves. The Valkyries won the women’s division, sHARCs 2nd, Quins 3rd, Alliance 4th. On the men’s side – Huns 1st, Dallas 2nd, Grand Prairie 3rd, and HTX 4th. We are sending 6 teams to Nationals, Huns 1, Dallas 1, and ARPTC in the Signes Cup and HTX, Grand Prairie and Dallas 2 in the Silver Cup. We also have three referees from our region attending, Kat Roche, Joey Swatzell, Jarrod Ford, and one referee coach, Derek Summers. It was a great campaign for 7s in the TRU and RRRC and we have a lot to show at Nationals. As the 7s Commissioner, I hope our teams all show well at Nationals so moving forward we can earn two seeds instead of one. Overall a very successful year.
    2. Dodge: I was very happy with what our clubs were able to put on, and the level of participation from the clubs in 7s this summer.  I hope that enthusiasm carries over to the XV season as well. 
    3. Keuppens: John, can you provide some insight on Grand Prairie’s rise? You’ve always been a great club, this year you really stepped it up and became a National contender. Did you feel like TOLA contributed to it all?
    4. Kurylas: Absolutely. We had a strong spring season and this TOLA season has helped immensely for our preparation for Nationals and for the fall XV season.
    5. Keuppens: We will regroup after Nationals and see how we can continue to progress TOLA to continue to get great development for teams and referees. As far as Nationals go, I am collecting all the information for our clubs, and have been named the commissioner for the Silver Cup, which is pretty cool. I will make sure all our teams are prepared paperwork-wise heading into the weekend.
  4. Women’s League Structure
    1. Roche: The proposed 2021-2022 women’s league structures are:
      1. D1
        1. Austin Valkyries
        2. HARC
        3. Dallas Harlequins
        4. Colorado Greywolves (formally Glendale)
        5. Black Ice
          1. Women’s clubs will play Red River and Frontier teams. Points will be awarded per league match and recorded in CMS in order to rank clubs for playoffs.
      2. D2
        1. North
          1. Little Rock
          2. DARC
          3. Dallas RFC
        2. South
          1. Bay Area
          2. San Antonio Riv eters
          3. Round Rock Rage
          4. Austin Valkyries II
          5. McAllen
            1. Women’s D2 clubs will play the other clubs of their conference (North and South) both home and away. Points will be awarded per league match and recorded in CMS in order to rank clubs for playoffs. 
      3. D3
        1. Denton
        2. Grand Prairie
        3. Alliance
          1. Women’s D3 will continue to follow WD3 Guidelines
    2. Dodge: The biggest issue is we have three WD2 North teams and five teams in the South. McAllen’s viability and ability to travel is questionable coming back from COVID. We are internally discussing having the North clubs play friendlies against the Quins in order to get more games that won’t count in the standings but will count towards their total games played.
    3. Fosco: We haven’t reached out to them yet because we don’t want to jump the gun if it’s not really official.
    4. Dodge:  Let’s reach out.
    5. Kurlyas: I know before COVID, we discussed having the WD3 clubs join together to play some XV matches against the D2 clubs.
    6. Fosco: I think in discussing with Marie, it’s not a feasible option right now, but we can re-check.
    7. Leming: Is there an option for neutral sites?
    8. Fosco: I think there’s very few neutral options available between two clubs, DARC is one, but there’s not a ton of options evenly spread out.
    9. Roche: I also think neutral sites take out a lot of the fun social aspect of rugby. It’s lonely to drive 5 hours and not socialize at a familiar site.
    10. Dodge: I’ll reach out to John Conmee with the Quins to see if we can get an agreement that gets the WD2 sides in the North more games, and the Quins a greater opportunity to play some of their newer players in Dallas.
  5. Schedule
    1. Dodge: Travis I saw you sent me a base of the schedule, but the attachment wouldn’t open, what do you need from us in order to make it happen?
    2. Hughes: Can I share my screen?
    3. Roche: Yep.
    4. Hughes: We can definitely put in some of the pre-season tournaments as blackout dates. I typically start the schedule on Lone Survivor weekend and don’t have any cup matches before that. I have a lot of makeup weekends added, which we can always eliminate to compress the season if needed. It’s easier to compress than to expand.
    5. Dodge: Do you have the TRU Championships planned?
    6. Hughes: I have them slated as April 23d, the weekend after Easter. Then a weekend off and round of 8 then a weekend off and Nationals. We can always use Easter weekend as a last chance makeup weekend. 
    7. Dodge: And do we have Glendale in this?
    8. Hughes: Yep, we have to make sure they are not hosting home games until late March or April due to them having a real winter.
    9. Kolberg: Are we blacking out MLK day weekend?
    10. Dodge: I don’t think we typically reserve that weekend, and we might not be able to do so this year given the early national championship date.
    11. Hughes: I just want to make sure we have a basic approval of the structure, when we start and when we end.
    12. Dodge: Can we pair together the men’s and women’s teams of the same clubs on trips? Like DARC/Little Rock etc.
    13. Roche: Yes that makes a lot easier for referees and scheduling as well.
    14. Dodge: I think December 4th is taken for the Women All-Star weekend and, and a men’s TRU tournament.  Midwest is hoping to send their men’s All-Star team so we will have many clubs involved that weekend.
    15. Dodge: I believe Little Rock is looking to host a tournament as well, what weekend is that?
    16. Hughes: October 23rd, so that doesn’t affect anything we have on our schedule. I also still have Sundays in the schedule in case we want to put games in there and put the onus on clubs to find a weekend to move it off. Only for games within 100 miles, and after the Super Bowl. I have the USA 7s blackout as well.
    17. Roche: And note that in February, MLR will be starting and taking a LOT of referees from the TRU since we have three home teams now in Texas.
    18. Hughes: Any questions on the schedule or how it’s set up?
    19. Dodge: When do you think you can get us a draft?
    20. Hughes: This weekend I will get to work on the tough stuff!
    21. Hughes: I forgot to mention the conversations surrounding Men’s D3 championships. With 5 separate pools, it gets a bit dodgy. One option is to give the 3 winners of their pools with the highest points percentage a spot in the playoffs, and have the 2 remaining pool winners playing in a single wildcard match for the 4th playoff spot.   However, most teams wanted the more representative option, with the top 5 and top 3 2nd place sides participating in an 8-team wildcard round. There is also a conversation on the table about only having the 2nd place sides from “true D3” clubs instead of multi-sided clubs. 
    22. Dodge: Well let’s be clear.  All the D3 sides are true D3 sides.  Even in multiside clubs, by the end of the season players’ divisional status is pretty settled; you aren’t having any regularly rostered D1 guys on the D3 side, so they are all D3 club players.  Also, under the new Men’s League Structure, by and large the multi-side clubs are playing against the other multi-side clubs, so the perception that multiside clubs are playing higher division players at lower division levels should be diminished.  In any event, the goal of whatever competition structure we come up with should be to advance the best team to represent our region at the national championship level.  My personal opinion is that the 8-team playoff structure probably best accomplishes that goal, provided the referees can support it at that time of year.
    23. Dodge: Travis do you need us to take a vote on structure?
    24. Hughes: I propose the 8-team D3 playoff structure comprising the top 5 first-place teams and the top 3 2nd place finishers based on win/loss percentage of available points.
      1. Kurylas: I second.
      2. Dodge: Any discussion? None.  Anyone opposed?  No opposition. APPROVED.
  6. Eligibility Regs
    1. Dodge: I’m not sure if anyone has read through the new eligibility regs yet, it’s not as pressing as the schedule is for our group right now; but it appears we locally have a bit more leeway with the regulations–but our teams would still have to comply with the national regs at the time of nationals. We are the conference with the most multi-sided clubs so most of the regs aren’t written with multi-sided clubs in mind. Please read through these before our next meeting.
  7. Terms Of Reference (TOR)
    1. Dodge: We need to go through and tweak/clarify our TOR. We need to vote on the rephrasing of a few things that would just make it easier for the RRRC and TRU. If everyone can take a look at that, I’ll circulate a few ideas before our next meeting.
    2. Dale: Isn’t that a TRU responsibility?
    3. Dodge: I think the way they handle this at the National level is they have each committee write a TOR and have the executive board approve it. So I think we should do it that way. Write what we want to see as an operating document and present it to the TRU Board for approval.
  8. New Business
    1. Global Law Trials
      1. Keuppens: There’s some significant Global Law Trials being implemented this year that’s going to change how we play this year. I would like to see if the TRU/TRRA can introduce these to clubs during training sessions before the season. I’d like to get Shawn and Kat’s opinion on this.
      2. Dodge: I would think we can address these at the summit, but maybe you are looking for something a bit more in-depth?
      3. Keuppens: I think these are two major changes and we need a way to clearly get the message across and get the referees involved with clubs in teaching.
      4. Roche: I would love to get referees involved with trainings to discuss these trials.
      5. Martin: We haven’t yet discussed it on our Board calls but getting these clarified is definitely important. There are videos available on World Rugby’s sites.  See https://www.world.rugby/the-game/laws/global-law-trials 
      6. Kolberg: I think the most important thing is having the referees apply the law trials the same way.  I also found this:  https://www.rugbydump.com/news/new-goal-line-drop-out-law-has-successful-debuted-in-new-zealand 
      7. Roche: I think we have to go down two avenues here, education for the coaches on how to apply these law trials, and education for the referees on what they are and how to apply them in the match. I am willing to step up and create content for the referee portion of this if someone can equally step up and provide content for the coaches.
      8. Keuppens: What do we think about creating a law quiz or test that clubs have to pass before the season?
      9. Roche: I like the idea of a quiz that clubs can take!
      10. Kolberg: I think it’s the coaches job to educate their players, not the referees.
      11. Roche: I think we should have both groups working together in order to provide content so we are on the same page the entire time, but we are educating our own groups.
      12. Keuppens: I think the most basic level should be putting it into language we can all understand. I think it would be neat if we required all team captains to take the law test, for them to really try to be students of the game.
      13. Hughes: I think we should also encourage players and teams to attend the regional tournaments before the Cup season in order to see these laws in action.
      14. Martin: The referees are also going to need to get a few reps in and adjust positioning, advantage, etc with these new trials.
      15. Keuppens: I fear if we don’t figure out a way to be proactive with this, we are opening ourselves to a lot more opportunity for referee abuse.
      16. Roche: I think we have a great plan in place and we should put it in and see how it fares over the next month. If we don’t see clear understanding in referees and coaches by the next meeting – we can reconvene and discuss further actions.
  9. Meeting Adjourned (9:30pm)